2013 Super Bowl XLVII w/ 49ers VS Ravens – It’s Time to Party!

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2013 Super Bowl 49ers Ravens Appetizer Ideas…

The 2013 Super Bowl XLVII is coming up! It’s undeniable that the Super Bowl is a huge deal, whether or not you are a football fan. Ultimately it’s all about the overpriced commercials, screaming with friends for no apparent reason, and snack overload, right? Yep, Super Bowl Sunday 2013 is just another reason to get together and have a crazy, fun time. Will you be having an in-house NFL tailgate party?

Especially here in the SF Bay Area, 49er fever is sure to heat up as February 3rd draws ever closer. I’ve been seeing super bowl paraphernalia everywhere! I’m not sure what our plans are yet for Game Day but I’m ready for some serious appetizer making! Check out the Salsa Celebration Complete Set I received from Tupperware:

Perfect 2013 Super bowl Party with Tupperware Salsa Complete Set

If you don’t have one of these or at least parts of it, you’re missing out! See how this set can set the stage for some good eating:

  • Use the Chip ‘N Dip container to carry and serve your award-worthy salsa or guacamole recipe at home or at a friend’s house. You can also use the Quick Chef Pro System to chop and mix the ingredients and conveniently store leftovers in the refrigerator. Save even more time using the Simple Indulgences Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend to give your favorite dish that extra kick!
  • Chop fresh ingredients for a traditional New Orleans jambalaya or gumbo with the Quick Chef Pro System, spending a fraction of the time it would take to chop all ingredients by hand.
  • Interested in another New Orleans classic? Prepare Tupperware’s bite-sized “Big Easy” Muffuletta recipe – a bold spread of olives, peppers and combination of cured meats featured in the Amazing Appetizers Recipe Book.

I love that there are so many great options of what to make and I’ll have the perfect pieces to serve it on. Are you planning a Game Day bash? If so, what will you preparing?


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  1. I love football and I don’t care whos playing so I am pretty excited for next Sunday. I also love the Superbowl because that is my excuse to snack for 3-4 hours. LOL. I love Salsa and chips so your Tupperware set you received would get a lot of use in this house.

  2. We will be spending our Super Bowl on the road on our way to Florida.. I hope 🙂

    Otherwise, we would be here with a spread of fun foods and friends.

  3. No, not planning anything other than eating. College football is a bigger thing in the South compared to Pro. 🙂

    It’s amazing how much Tupperware has changed.

    • TerriAnn van Gosliga on

      What was your favorite commercial? I thought it was pretty funny how big of a deal it was to lose power 😛

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