An A-MAZE-ing Outing #WW

See tomorrow’s post to learn more about where this shot was taken:

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  1. Kinda spooky!

  2. I love those mazes!! Did you have fun!?

  3. Carolyn G says:

    I love mazes whether they are corn or hay or anything else. It’s so Shining!

  4. You always take the best photos! Love it!

  5. I love this shot! :)

  6. Very cool. Yes, I need to find out where this is. I definitely want to go there. I’m assuming it’s somewhere on the peninsula?

  7. Wow, corn mazes are cool, but this looks WAY cooler!!

    • I’ve never tried a corn maze but this hay one is hard. The bales are stacked 7-8′ high so even tall people can barely see over. Even if they can, though, it doesn’t help in navigating as the maze is huge!

  8. What an amazing photo!

  9. I always end up getting so lost in mazes that I’m about ready to stop going!

  10. I’ve done a corn maze, but this looks cool too!

  11. Great shot…we love corm mazes, but none this awesome!

  12. I think that would absolutely scare me to death LOL I would be terrified I couldnt find my way out… hahahaha

  13. Looks like fun, hope you didn’t get too lost!

    • Oh, we got totally lost but that’s half the fun. We always make it out after a while, even if that means coming out an emergency exit or back through the entrance. Fortunately we made it through fine two times that day!

  14. Wow that maze is so tall!

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