Colors Like This Cannot Be Copied #WW

Nature Photography of Sunset…

I love traveling across the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge here in the Bay Area as the view is always beautiful. The sunset while going home was so gorgeous and I’m so glad this quick pic at 65 mph turned out as it did!

Sunset Photography

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TerriAnn van Gosliga is the main writer at Cookies & Clogs and Driving Mamas. Born & raised in the SF Bay Area but loves to travel. She's been married to her best friend for almost 14 years, homeschools her 13-year-old daughter, and has an accident-prone lab mix dog.


  1. Very pretty photo of the sky. It’s nice when you can capture scenes like these

  2. Carolyn G says:

    Beautiful photo!

  3. So breathtaking! Nothing compares!

  4. What a gorgeous shot! Must have been wonderful to see it in person!

  5. That is pretty spectacular and your title is fitting (and what got my attention)

  6. Great colors! I can hardly believe you were moving when you took it.

  7. It is gorgeous and I bet it was awesome in person too.

  8. That’s beautiful! But, I’ll bet it was better in person!

  9. That is SO beautiful!

  10. that is beautiful.

  11. That is breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Gorgeous–I love this! What a beautiful sunset.

  13. Whao…that shot was really captivating. Love the colours

  14. Gorgeous capture! (as always) Love this picture.

    • TerriAnn van Gosliga says:

      You’re so sweet. I’ve been having photographing issues so I’m glad this one turned out to be a keeper!

  15. That’s an awesome pic and view!!!

  16. Very nice, love watching sunsets

  17. Oh wow. That is stunning!

  18. purdy!! I’m always trying to take pics while I’m driving, too. I think it’s illegal though (or something) lol

  19. I always call that a cotton candy sunset- when it’s pink & blue like that. So beautiful!

  20. This is such a stunningly beautiful photo!

  21. Breathtakingly beautiful!!

  22. That is absolutely beautiful!

  23. Very pretty!

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