Curious Critters – Not Only for Children

A new book has made it’s way onto my coffee table called “Curious Critters” by David FitzSimmons. The photographs in this book are breathtaking! So, even though this was actually created as a children’s picture book , the photos are too amazing to hide in a juvenile bookcase!

Curious Critters children's picture book by David FitzSimmons

They will immediately catch the attention of any child, peeking their curiosity of the critter being featured. FitzSimmons takes advantage of this to share fun facts in poetic and creative manner, coming from the creature’s perspective. It triggered several giggles from my daughter.

When parents read CURIOUS CRITTERS with their kids not only will they have fun reading, but they also inspire in them a life-long interest in nature. Kids will want to swap TV and video games for a trips to the park or more time in the backyard. So, get ready to have a budding biologist on your hands!

I’m all for making education fun!

Additionally, a glossary with more in-depth information about the animals is found toward the back of the book. Children will find it fun matching the colored silhouettes with the animals they just learned about as well. For only $7.05 on Amazon, this book is a steal. The paper used is sturdy and the print quality is stunningly clear. The only complaint is that I wish the book was longer!
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