Digging Myself Out of a Self-Inflicted Hole – Can You Relate?

If you’re curious as to why posts slowed down and now they’re popping up like daisies here on Cookies & Clogs, it’s because my wall of ‘to do’ sticky notes looks like this. By the way, this only covers the next few days…

Ever feel a tad bit overwhelmed?

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TerriAnn van Gosliga is the main writer at Cookies & Clogs and Driving Mamas. Born & raised in the SF Bay Area but loves to travel. She's been married to her best friend for almost 14 years, homeschools her 13-year-old daughter, and has an accident-prone lab mix dog.


  1. It’s nice to see how your to do list looks like.
    I like that idea of sticky notes you have there!

  2. What a great use for those ugly sticky notes I got from BlogHer! And I totally relate, except my “things to do” list is written on several small pieces of paper strewn about the house. I should try your method, it might work better for me.

    • Ha – Ha – hahahahah – you totally recognized them! I know, I was thinking, “What am I going to do with all these “How do you feel aout getting old?” stickies :P This helps because it’s all in one place. Plus, if the sticky part happens to fail, it’s easily noticed so I can fix/replace it.

  3. That is one crazy to do list wall! I hope you’re gaining on it!

  4. I use to feel overwhelmed so I stopped looking at my inbox. :P

  5. Melly Schug says:

    What a very colorful to-do lists and it really looks beautiful. I use sticky notes to make some to-do list because it is more organized.

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