Galileo Summer Quest 2012 – Go-Kart Makers

After much anticipation, my daughter’s scheduled Go Kart Makers Session with Galileo Summer Quest finally arrived. As always, the area was heavily decorated with pops of color and motivational encouragement throughout the hallways.

Galileo Summer Quest 2012 Go KartsGalileo Summer Quest 2012 Go Karts

The staff continued the ‘camp spirit’ in full costume every day at check-in. Completely opposite of last year, my daughter really wanted to participate on the themed days. Due to inclement weather and lack of costumes, though, she was only able to do Crazy Hat/Hair Day and wear the Galileo colors on the last day.

Galileo Summer Quest 2012 Go Karts

The first day she came home, my daughter said, “I love drilling! Anytime we have to work on something I can drill for you!” Wow, that’s not something I ever expected from the little one that makes up stories all day with her gazillion stuffed animals. I was so impress with how involved the children are in their ‘major’. In fact they were not only involved but were the key participants with teacher aides assisting them! Campers are not told to just follow instructions but they are invited to create and invent.

Galileo Summer Quest 2012 Go KartsGalileo Summer Quest 2012 Go Karts

I loved their ‘tool crib’ which taught children the name of the tools they were using and helped them to remember to put them back. One day I arrived to see the kids picking up after themselves and even sweeping the sawdust from the floor – all without complaining!

My daughter was loving everyday and would wake up excited to get to camp each morning. Much of it had to do with her teacher, Tony S. It was his first year working with Galileo and I’d say he rocked it as a camp teacher! He was informative and fun but treated them as individuals that had a ton of potential lying within. The daily report of how my daughter did was much appreciated as well.

Galileo Summer Quest 2012 Go Karts

Having the camp last only a week versus the two weeks of last year ended up being a much better format. The kids get to spend full days making project they love instead of having to choose what felt like ‘filler’ courses to my daughter. The only drawback from her week-long camp is that, now, my daughter can’t wait to attend another session and take Go Kart Makers Extreme to add lights, new tires, and a radio to her new go kart! Oh, want to know how that turned out? You’ll have to check back tomorrow!

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  1. Oh my gosh! This looks like so much fun. The people look fun and just the atmosphere. This is something I wouldn’t mind doing myself!

  2. I wish we had a camp like this in our area!

    • I really wonder about that. I actually didn’t know about this camp until I was contacted to review it. I’m sooooo happy we found out about it!

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