Galileo Summer Quest 2012 – Showcase #WW

On the last day of camp at Galileo Summer Quest, my daughter got to test her finished go kart.

Galileo Summer Quest Go Karts ShowcaseGalileo Summer Quest Go Karts Showcase

The weather was beautiful as the go kart drivers revved their engines (yes, the instructor really had the kids make engine noises). Then it was my daughter’s turn – whee!

Galileo Summer Quest Go Karts ShowcaseGalileo Summer Quest Go Karts Showcase

Before we put her go kart in the car and headed home, she wanted me to take a ride in it. I did but I’ll spare you that sad sight…

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  1. Love how the Go-Kart turned out!

  2. Oh how fun! Her go kart looks amazing!

  3. That is so cool and I love that she built it. Fun!

  4. HOW FUN!! I love the look of that cart!

  5. I’m so glad to see a girl doing that.

  6. that looks fun, I’ve never been to one.

  7. That looks like loads of fun!

  8. How cool!!

  9. Looks like fun!

  10. She built a great cart – and I’m a little bummed there’s no photos of you driving that racer!! :)

  11. Oh how fun. She built a great go-cart!

  12. that looks like a blast!

  13. I wanna see you in the cart mom!

  14. Kudos to your daughter for making an awesome cart. I doubt I could have built something like that much less make it work

  15. That looks like fun! Your daughter did a great job on the car!

  16. This looks like an amazing camp, love the car!

    • It’s such a cool camp! Last year she did ‘chefology’ to cook and other major include video game design, fashion studio, Lego robotics, and cartooning. I love the options they have!

  17. LOL! I wanna see you in that cart. It’s really cool!

  18. How fun! I can’t believe how green it is there!

  19. That looks like a lot of fun!

  20. Lol, looks like she had a great time!

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