Hallmark Text Bands and Style Bands

Hallmark Text Band Starter Kits and Style bandsEarlier this year, my daughter and I had a chance to play with some Text Bands from Hallmark. Kids can write messages (up to 10 characters) and exchange them with friends using a simple shake, bump, or high five. Honestly, I was skeptical of how popular they could be since many kids these days have their own smartphones to text on all day long. To my surprise, my daughter and her friends had a blast with them!

Text Bands are made up of a basic LED texting module and a silicon-type band ($14.99 for this starter kit). Just flip the ‘on’ switch and start watching the kids giggle like crazy. Children from about 5 to 12 years old will enjoy sending little phrases to each other while hanging out or playing.

To raise the ‘cool’ factor even more, new Style Bands are now available to purchase as well. These interchangeable bands ($4.99 each) come in a variety of designs and colors, appealing to both girls and boys. Personally, I like the Minnie Mouse and Star Wars ones best. Additional styles will be coming out in the near future.

Changing bands is just a matter of popping the texting module out of one band and into another. While I did the popping out, my daughter did the popping in.

I highly suggest you check out the Text Band FAQ as it provides a ton of great answers, such as why these bands aren’t packaged as two and if there’s some kind of word filter. Text Bands and Style Bands can be found at your local Hallmark store.

Until Oct. 7th, you can even win 1 of 2 Text Bands Starter Kits that I have the pleasure of giving away. Enter below!

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  1. My daughter. Thanks for the chance.

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    I’d give them to my daughter!

  4. My nieces would go nuts over these!

  5. I would give these to my girls, they would love them!!

  6. my daughter and my niece

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  7. I would give this to my granddaughter.

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    my niece would have a blast with these.

  9. I would give this to my granddaughter who just turned 10 this week.

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    to my 2 granddaughters

  11. These are super cool!

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    I would give it to my daughter

  14. they would be for my daughter and her best friend

  15. this would be for my son and daughter.

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    to my twin granddaughters

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  18. little teenager would LOVE to play with these!

  19. my neice and nephew

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    I would give them to my daughter

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    I would give them to my nephews.

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    I Would Give Them To My Niece !:)

  23. My niece.

  24. My niece, she would love it!

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    I would give them to my granddaughter

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    My son :)

  27. My two nieces would have so much fun with these!

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    My Cousins!

  29. to my niece/nephew

  30. Would be for my son! Thanks

  31. I would be Aunt of the year if I give it to my nephew! lol

  32. I might keep it and give it away after a while! I am a kid at heart myself! lol

  33. I will give it to my son if I win.

  34. My grandson would love it!

    God bless!

  35. My son. He’d love these!

  36. I would give them to my little cousin.

  37. Candice Hull says:

    I would use them as prizes for my class of 1st grade girls at church
    thank you

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    I would give them to my 2 boys.

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    My niece would get such a kick out of this

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  42. I would give these to my twins! I think they would love these!

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    My granddaughters.


  50. Kellie Conklin says:

    I would give these to the girls that I babysit if I won! They are 11 and 8 and would love them! Thanks!

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    i would give to our nieces

  52. My kids.

  53. I’d give it to my niece.

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    I would give them to my daughter

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