Interview with Tom Hiddleston aka “Loki” in Marvel’s The Avengers #TheAvengersEvent

It’s not every day that I get to sit down with a famous movie actor for a roundtable interview in the penthouse suite at the Trump Soho Hotel. So it was quite a treat to chat with the suave British gentleman, Tom Hiddleston, to discuss his role as the antagonist known as “Loki” in Marvel’s The Avengers. I am not the swooning type by any means but when he greeted each of us with a handshake and repeated our names while looking us straight in the eyes, a bit of giddiness did come over me. Either he’s very cordial or he’s an extremely talented actor that can easily win over twelve mommy bloggers in one blow – or both.

Marvel's The Avengers Interview with Tom Hiddlestone aka LokiMarvel's The Avengers Interview with Tom Hiddlestone aka LokiMarvel's The Avengers Interview with Tom Hiddlestone aka Loki

Loki is the main baddie in movie that goes head to head with each of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It was the complexity of the character that Hiddleston loved, a man that was like a “lost child in the body of a very powerful chess master”.

When asked about the reaction from fans or kids to Loki’s character, Hiddleston said that he kind of dedicated his performance to Mark Ruffalo’s 10-year-old son, who was often on set. While Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige were extremely supportive, it was Ruffalo’s son that would excitedly praise him with wide eyes of amazement.

TOM HIDDLESTON: “…Tom! That was incredible! That was the most awesome thing I have ever seen!” And I’m like, “I am doing this for you.” And, you know, there were days when Mark would come in just to watch, because he wanted to watch. He’d be like, “I’m sorry. We’re here again. He just loves you.” And then you realize that that’s the power that these films can have. It’s such a beautiful thing. It’s a really amazing privilege.

That doesn’t mean it was always easy to get into, and stay in, character.

TOM HIDDLESTON: There were days where I had such fun with him and other days, inevitably, where I woke up with a spring in my step and a smile in my heart, and had to go into work and set those things to one side and try and cultivate all of his negative feeling. And that was challenging. And that’s when it becomes a job. You go, “Oh. This character is feeling none of the things that I am feeling. Like, I feel really good about my life right now, and he really doesn’t. And so I have to sort of find some way of going to this dark place.

I even got to ask a question, which was inspired by a friend’s suggestion.

ME: In bringing this character to life, it’s a huge thing, because you know they already have their stories established and things like that.  So were there any particular details and nuances you tried to add to the character the audience should really look for?

TOM HIDDLESTON: I hope that anyone who has seen “Thor” can recognize him – there is still this spiritual damage at the heart of him underneath his anarchy and his chaos and his anger and destructiveness that there is still a vulnerability there.  He’s kind of stylish, you know.

ME: Despite his hair?

TOM HIDDLESTON: [LAUGHS] Even though he’s terrifying and hateful, there’s a sort of a strange elegance that he has. I just hope that people love to hate him or hate to love him.

Does that make him an evil villian?

TOM HIDDLESTON: I always think of him as an antagonist as opposed to a villain, but only because every villain is a hero in his own mind. All of us in the world, as we move forward with our lives we make choices, we like to think that they’re the right choices. And Loki is making all the wrong choices. So he’s tragically deluded, and borderline insane, but he still thinks, in the narrative of his life, he’s a hero. So, I guess, let’s just say I believe in flawed heroes and heroic villains, and I think he, Loki, is a kind of a heroic villain, in a way.

Cool, right? He was totally different than the Asgardian troublemaker he plays in the film. Play close attention to Loki when you watch the Avengers May 4th. I hope you enjoy the character Tom Hiddleston played as much as I did.

Marvel's The Avengers Interview with Tom Hiddlestone aka Loki Blogger Group
This was part of a full expense paid trip courtesy of Marvel/Disney. Thanks go to Tom Hiddleston for allowing us to interview him. Above photos were provided courtesy of Louise of Momstart and Marshall of Disney. All thoughts expressed are 100% my honest opinion.

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  1. Wow this looks like it was a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see the avengers in 3d!

  2. I love that you said Asgardian :)

    • Hehe, I just hope I spelled it right (forgot to check). I couldn’t really call him the villian or bad guy since he’s got this underlying character. LOVED meeting you :)

  3. Wow you gals were so lucky! Loki is my favorite character in The Avengers. :D

    • He did a great job! It was a really a treat to meet Tom Hiddleston and see how different he is from the character! No wonder they started the hashtags #teamloki and #lokisladies !

  4. Either he’s very cordial or he’s an extremely talented actor that can easily win over twelve mommy bloggers in one blow – or both.
    I’m vote for both:) I”m a happily married woman, but he had me giddy too:)

    • Weird, wasn’t it? Even now I have to click another page real fast because I keep seeing his pic staring at me :P It was so fun meeting you and I hope we get a chance to hang more next time. Thanks for listening to me when I seemed to be talking to myself :P

  5. Could you be any luckier? Now I want to go see the movie :)

  6. He was such a gentleman! Great write up!

  7. He was so amazing. I am so glad we got to interview him and get to know his character better.

  8. Great Post! He was so unbelievably charming and just awesome. Maybe he cast a spell on all of us? LOL

  9. What a great interview and experience! I love the idea of talking to someone who played a cool part in a movie!

    • I think the best part was talking and seeing him like this then contrasting that to the character on the screen. He plays a COMPLETELY different person. it a was truly a memorable experience!

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