Luma Comfort AP400W HEPA + UV Air Purifier – No More Pet or Kid Smell

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Have you ever walked into your house, taken a few whiffs, then said, “What IS that?!” Well, we have. Especially since we’ve moved into a smaller place, it’s been increasingly more difficult to keep our apartment free of dog and teen funk. We purchased an air purifier from the local warehouse store but it was loud and didn’t cover our entire living room space. The Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier really caught my attention. With wall-to-wall carpets and year-round allergies, this sounded perfect:

If you’re an allergy or asthma sufferer, the Luma Comfort AP400W is your choice for serious contaminant removal. This air purifier covers 400 square feet and removes particulates as well as chemicals and VOCs.

Just the air cleaner I was looking for!

Luma Comfort AP400W HEPA Air Purifier with 5-Stage Advanced Air Cleaning

When the AP400W arrived, Frans immediately went to set it up. Each of the four filters were individually packed and were already placed in the order they needed to be in. Set-up included unwrapping the filters, putting them in, closing the cover, and turning it on. If only all home appliances were so easy to put together!

Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier Review

With the vents on the top and sides, we could put the purifier right next to the wall. It only sticks out about 10 inches and has a nice, flat design. I really like this because our other one was an awkward shape and stood out like an eye-sore being all black and having an obtrusive handle.

Frans did mention that the top vents looked like the perfect place for stray crayons and other ‘easy-to-stick-in-holes’ type things. It’d be a good idea to keep the toddlers away from this.

AP400W Air Purifier Functionality

The controls are very straight forward and are sensitive to the touch:

  • Power: On/Off 🙂
  • Fan Speed: Low, medium, and high. We generally keep the air purifier on low, but we’ll sometimes kick it into medium if we need more air circulation.
  • Timer: 1-7 hours
  • Filter Change: If any of the filters need to be changed, the indicator light will switch on. One light for the carbon pre-filter and one for the HEPA filter, TiO2 filter, and VOC filter.
  • UV Light: Kills any sicknesses floating around. My daughter got a little stomach bug but it didn’t get passed on to us! Yay!

Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier Review

The AP400W has really been doing its job well. When we come home, it smells fresh inside and there’s a gentle flow of air. I’m so glad the filters are designed to handle pet hair and cooties. I have a slight allergy to dog dander and, though she is not considered long-haired, Speckles does shed. This is just after one brushing:

Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier Review - Dog / Pet Hair / Fur

The manual suggests keeping the AP400W on 24/7 (energy used is about an 100W light bulb). As it’s place right next to my daughter’s bed, we were very concerned with the sound levels. Fortunately, there’s only a slight hum when on low, similar to what you’d hear if the window was cracked open. Maybe this will help you get a better idea (make sure the volume is set to normal):

Amazon is selling the AP400W for 25% off right now. A replacement filter pack is about $75 but most of those only need to be replaced once or twice a year. The carbon filter should be replaced every 2-3 months but that’s the least expensive one to get.

We’ve been really happy with the Luma Comfort AP400W. It does everything we need with its 5-stage air cleaning and is the perfect size for our medium-sized living room. With few moving parts, this air purifier will last a long time. I think this air purifier is a fantastic purchase and would recommend it to anyone that has allergies and/or pets!

Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier Giveaway

Luma Comfort has been kind enough to offer an AP400W ($355.99 value, though Amazon has it for 25% off right now). Enter below!

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  2. alyce poalillo on

    I would put it in my bedroom as I have several cats who often share my bed so that room can use some purifying and to get rid of the dander.

  3. I need it for my living room that is where I spend the most time and where my dogs spend the most time with me!

  4. Brutus Duffy on

    I ahve 8 cats and 3 dogs and we all hang together in the living room, so this filter would be very welcome there. Thanks.

  5. I need it for the family room, I have 2 dogs and sometimes when family visits I can have up to 6 dogs, lots of dander and living in an old house there’s so much dust. yuk!

  6. If I won, I would be giving this to my oldest daughter to put in her living room or den. She is going to be making me a grandmother very soon, and I want my granddaughter to breath better air.

  7. I have forced hot air heating and use it for quite a few months out of the year. A couple years ago, I had a leaky basement and got mold down there. We’ve taken care of that issue but unfortunately even though I tried cleaning the vents as best as I could, mold spores still come upstairs to where we are and cause havoc with my lungs. Even my poor cat was sick a few weeks ago due to the air quality in the living room where it is the worst. I’d definitely like to get an air purifier as nice as this one, to make my home a more enjoyable place.

  8. Eloise Carlson on

    I definitely could use this in our living room. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  9. Pauline Milner on

    We live very near a huge oil refinery. It would be good to know that the air we are breathing is healthy and pure. Thank you for another super giveaway opportunity and please continue with the terrific blogging.

  10. My indoor allergies are so bad, I could actually use one in every room especially in winter when the heaters come on..but I would use this one in my bedroom because that’s where the pets like to sleep and I do get coughing and congested from the animal dander.

  11. I’d have to go with the bedroom since it’s the room the pets seem to gravitate toward the most, and our allergies tend to kick in while we’re sleeping much of the time!

  12. I would use this in our family room because that is where we all hang out the most and our pets are with us.

  13. This sure could be used in our front room. The dogs like laying around and playing in there. Our grandkids enjoy playing in there also.To have an air purifier would be heaven sent.

  14. In my living for has the most high traffic area for our dog and cat plus..yeah ugly things such as smoke and odors from kitchen since our Kitchen is in the same area of our living room.

  15. Laurie Emerson on

    I need this for our living room as we have 3 dogs and 2 cats who tend to shed all year long. I love them so much but my allergies are not as friendly.


  17. I have been researching Hepa air purifiers for a month or so now. Our house seems dusty and musty. We live in a very humid climate and I’m certain there are molds in the air. Some of the folks in my house don’t have the strongest immune systems and I’m convinced the air just isn’t clean enough to keep everyone healthy. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!!

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