Red Carpet, Tribeca, The Avengers, & Me #TheAvengersEvent

Saturday was the big day. The day I watched the pre-screening of Marvel’s The Avengers during the closing day of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The whole event was amazing and you could feel the excitement in the air throughout the evening!

Marvel Studios Presents Marvels The AVENGERS Closing Night of The Tribeca Film Festival Cookies Clogs TerriAnn

Paparazzi were everywhere but they had more profitable people to photograph so we were left alone. Much of the cast made their way down the red carpet, as did other big celebrities such as Robert De Niro and Michael J. Fox. There were tons (I mean TONS) of fans. I only wish I didn’t have to check in my camera before we went in because there some unbelievable photo ops!

Marvel Studios Presents Marvels The AVENGERS Closing Night of The Tribeca Film Festival

The 25 bloggers invited were able to share this special event with the everyday heroes such as local police officers and first responders. It was such a privilege to be a part of this monumental event. Marvel’s The Avengers is an amazing movie (full review is coming soon) and this was the perfect venue to show it off. Don’t forget to get your tickets for its big release on May 4th!

Marvel Studios Presents Marvels The AVENGERS Closing Night of The Tribeca Film Festival

This was a full expense paid trip courtesy of Marvel/Disney. Several above photos were also provided by Disney. All thoughts expressed are 100% my honest opinion.

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  1. So glad you got to go! I would have loved to see RDJ and Robert DeNiro! Woohoo!

    • I had a blast and the whole experience is one that will last a VERY long time for me! Let’s just say that it is totally unfair how beautiful/handsome these stars are even in real life!

  2. Followed on Twitter, wow what an amazing trip!

  3. First off, how did you get in on an opportunity like that? Spill the beans (offline of course). How exciting was that! I would been going crazy with all the stuff going around. Tickets for that movie is gonna be so hot and people will be lining up for that movie. I can’t wait till it comes out. THOR!

    • Girl, you are going to LOVE it and, trust me, you’ll be swooning over more than just that hero! There were no secrets in getting invited but I’ll email you later :) Did you buy tickets to one of the marathons starting on 5/3?

  4. Awesome photos! I think it totally bites that you had to check in your camera though! I would have loved to have seen Michael J. Fox! He rocks!

    • The whole event was just so cool but, yes, I wish I could have taken some of my own pics. I’m glad that Disney forwarded us some photos we could use though.

  5. It was awesome to meet you! I hope to attend an event with you again. What a great night!

  6. Totally!!!

  7. No, I didn’t know they had something like that going on. I get free tickets to new movies all the time, but I couldn’t get Free Tickets to the Avengers for nothing. They have a private screening in San Jose tomorrow, but I am not going. I have to clue you in on the movie tickets that come available for San Fran all the time. Will send you email too.

    • Thank you so much! I had no idea about those and any money we can save at the box office totally helps! Do you do any of the SF screenings or do you stay south?

  8. You looked fabulous! It was an amazing night for sure!

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