Simple Yet Fun Party Centerpiece

We recently went to a black/white themed party and they had these adorable centerpieces. A small plant (basil is pictured below) was repotted in a pail, and a wooden pinwheel was added (you can get them at craft stores really cheap and paint if desired). It was finished off with a matching placemat (not too matchy-matchy though) and voila! Picture-perfect centerpieces!

Black and white centerpiece

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  1. what a fantastic and simple centerpiece!

  2. very cute! nice idea for decorations.

  3. Love that idea!!!!

  4. I love a black and white theme.

  5. That is a cute centerpiece, and not only does it look good but it would smell amazing too, I love basil!

  6. Cute, I like the idea of planting it later, very practical.

    • Well, the worse thing about decorating is that many times it’s so wasteful! Either you throw the things away or store them for the next 20 years. Plus, it’s very ‘green’ :P

  7. Very cute idea!

  8. Super cute! I love that you used a herb for the plant! :)

  9. Simple and beautiful! I love this idea. I might have be inspired for an upcoming girl scout event!

  10. Onica {MommyFactor} says:

    Love the pinwheel “accent” sometimes it’s the simple things that can dress up an area.

  11. That is really neat. Cute pinwheel but I love the fact it’s a basil plant, as opposed to just any ol’ flower. Neat!

    • Me too – it makes so much sense to use an herb instead and I love the look of the basil. Plus, no wilted flowers to worry about if you need them looking nice for a few days or so.

  12. I just love this! Very cute!

  13. LOVE THESE! What a simple but beautiful way to make a centerpiece – and you can give them away as gifts, too!! :)

  14. The polka dots add a touch of whimsy!

  15. Simplicity is beauty… definitely! That makes for an excellent conversation starter too :)

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