Wordless Wednesday – An Expensive Bug Bite #WW

Bug bite  = after-hours care (5:40pm) + exam + anti-inflammatory shot + Benadryl shot = empty wallet.

Speckles Dog Puppy Bug Bite Swollen Red LipSpeckles Dog Puppy Bug Bite Swollen Red Lip

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  1. poor pup! :(

  2. Jennifer clay says:

    :O What kind of bug bite him?!

  3. Ah poor baby! Now that you know what to do in case this happens again. Buffered aspirin and Benadryl. Just do a search on the internet for the safe dosage for your dog. Don’t forget to come on over and link up.

    • Very true. We were going to do that but as I saw some bumps near her nose I was worried it would start to affect her breathing. Yep, next time its 25mg of Benadryl! The doctor even told us to give that to her if it hadn’t subsided in an hour or two.

  4. What in the world? Poor thing!

  5. Poor doggy. He might be in pain because of that annoying bite. Even though he looks scary to me, I still feel sorry for him.

    • She wasn’t crying or anything but it looked horrible. Even though we suspected it was just a bite and to give her Benadryl, we took her to the vet just in case. A few hours later it was gone :)

  6. (I know this was a long time ago) I’m glad your dog’s better.
    My dog has the same thing…I was just researching swollen lip for a dog and this came up so we’re going to take mine to the vet like you did.
    Thanks :)

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