Childproofing the Dog House #WW

What’s funnier than my daughter being in the dog crate? The fact that SHE locked it and couldn’t get out! Bwahahaha! Before I helped her, I had to get some incriminating photos to use against her when she’s older! Poor Speckles was just a little confused…

Munchkin locked in Dog CrateMunchkin locked in Dog Crate

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  1. total blackmail material! Love it!

  2. Ha! That is too funny!

  3. Of course you HAVE to get a photo of that! too funny!

  4. Emily Woodhouse says:

    Ha ha ha. Blew me away, loved that.

  5. LOL! I love it.

  6. HAHA the dog seems rather happy about it too!

  7. HA! Why is it that kids do that stuff? I’m just as guilty as it was my favorite thing to do when I was around your daughter’s age – hrmm. . can I fit in here? Let’s see!

    • I’m sure that’s why so many kids get stuck in things. My daughter was trying to be a bit more ‘clever’ by proving how easy it is to open a crate from the inside…

  8. Oh I LOVE it!!! I am so glad you got incriminating photos to share! Was Speckles sitting there thinking, “but that’s MY crate!!” :P

    • Totally! I even had to laugh through my nose when she told me what she was ‘trying to do’. She was showing Speckles how easy it was to open the lock from the inside. Speckles was probably thinking, “Told you so!”

  9. That is hilarious! The poor dog wants his crate back LOL!

  10. No, you did the right thing ;) That’s awesome!!

  11. LOL! I love it!

  12. OMG that’s too funny!

  13. This is what blogging does to us! We photograph first, then fix!

  14. If you give a kid a box, she will want to play in it, if she plays in it, she will lock herself in the box. If she locks herself in the box, she will look funny to the dog. If you look funny to a dog, we all get a good chuckle. :-)

    My daughter did the same thing with my dog’s crate. Too funny!


  15. Maryann says:

    Just like any good mom, get that camera first!

  16. That’s amazing, thanks for sharing. Truly made me laugh.

  17. I laughed out loud when I saw that! I love kids.. and dogs!

  18. Now that’s funny! :)

  19. I think Speckle was probably saying, “it’s ok, you just stay there I I’ll take your room.”

  20. haha. too funny! Silly girl

  21. Too cute!
    Happy WW!

  22. That is so cute!!!

  23. Too funny!!

  24. LOL – I have pics of my son doing the same thing… too funny! Great pictures … definitely good blackmail pics for 10 years from now :)
    Thanks for stopping by Mom-ology!

  25. Cute!! Your dog’s like what??

  26. Gotta love it! Ha ha!

  27. LOL That is too funny! My brother got locked into a dog kennel a few times when we were growing up, he thought it was soooo funny!

  28. Tiff @ Babes and Kids says:

    LOL – One way only. Silly girl and I bet your dog was super confused.

  29. Too funny. It looks like your puppy is sitting there wondering what happened to his space!

  30. That is too funny and of course you had to take a picture. What was her response when you freed her lol.

    • She had to go back in and try it again, of course. This time she took the puppy in with her so she could prove that she was, in fact, able to unlock the crate from inside. What a silly-billy!

  31. Haha! That’s too funny!! I love the dog sitting there watching it all. :)

  32. LOL! That is too funny!!

  33. LOL! I have a picture of my kids just like this! The dog standing on the outside looking in is what makes it so great!

  34. Haha that is too funny! You should link this up to my Saturday laughs tomorrow:)

  35. I love that the dog is staring her down thinking “get out of my crate!’ Cute!

  36. How cute! Hmmm not a bad idea I think mine would probably fall asleep in their. He would love it I am sure.

  37. Oh man! LOL That’s hilarious! I so would have photographed it too!

    • Thank goodness for camera phones because I could just grab my iPhone, shoot, then let her out. If I had to run to the room to get the big camera and get it all set up, the moment would have turned awry :P

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