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2010 Teacher Appreciation-Staples, Office Depot

by TerriAnn

So this morning I got up early so I could be among the first 100 at Staples. It was Teacher Appreciation Day and last year they handed out a tote with some nice goodies. This year was a binder . . . yes, a binder. There were a items inside including filler paper, a pencil pouch, a pen, and a dry-erase marker. Maybe they were on a budget but this was a pretty minimal offering this time around.

Then I drove across the bridge to Office Depot. Since I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I was so happy to see all the muffins provided by Mimi’s Cafe and coffee/tea. After my daughter scarfed down mine, they graciously allowed me to get another. I though the tote was actually nice as it had a shoulder strap and is perfect for books or notepads. The bag also came with a teacher planner and discount card from Mimi’s Cafe for free muffins.

After today’s experience, I’m not sure if I plan on driving to San Carlos to go the event at Office Max tomorrow. Either way, I am very happy that businesses are trying to support educators – thank you.

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Jennifer August 15, 2010 - 3:29 am

I’m happy to see that businesses are happy to support home school educators! Mmm….muffins. 😉

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