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Five Indispensable Life Lessons

by TerriAnn

There are so many things I am trying to teach our daughter. I don’t know how many times I have told her to close her legs when she wears a skirt, to look both ways before she crosses the street, not to be bossy, etc. As she grows older, there are a few things that I hope stick:

  • Be honest, lies are lies no matter what color.
  • Respect and be thoughtful of others, especially to those older.
  • Listen, it can save a lot of pain and heartache.
  • Seek truth but don’t be cynical so that you miss it.
  • Be self-confident but don’t think too much of yourself.

I have much more that I want to instill in my daughter but these are general things that I wish all children these days valued. What things do you think will help children to live happy lives?

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