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It’s Just Not the Same

by TerriAnn

I must be getting old. The other day I was talking with this 20-something and she said that out of all her friends’ weddings, she only brought a gift with her to 1-2 of them. For the others she bought their gifts online, through their registry, and had it shipped to their home. I, on the other hand, only did that for the first time a few months ago – and it just felt so wrong!

A cousin of mine got married and, though they were getting married here, their home is actually overseas. Therefore it just made sense to have their gift sent to an address of their choice versus making more work for them to ship a ton of odds and ends. So, I logged into their bridal registry, entered a current Macys promo code, and checked “send gift”.

The wedding and reception was just beautiful and was held at the famous Cliff House in San Francisco. The decorations were fantastic, the flowers were picturesque, the couple looked wonderful, everyone was dressed to a tee, and here we are soaking it all in with empty hands. I felt like such a mooch coming empty-handed to their wedding though I mentally knew their present was ‘on the way’.

Wedding and Reception at The Cliff House in San Francisco, California

Is it just me or isn’t part of the fun for the wedding couple to see a huge table full of gifts at their reception? I know it brought out a secret smile for me during my big day almost 12 years ago. I guess so many things have changed since then with some couples even sending out a live feed of their event so guests can attend virtually. Again, feeling old…

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