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Online Mattress Shopping?

by TerriAnn

One of the worst kinds of shopping is when you have to buy a new mattress. You know that you’ll be spending a large sum of money on something that you’ll be using daily for the next several years. As you go from mattress to mattress you discover that they all start to feel the same whether it’s extra firm, extra plush, pillow-top, or memory foam. After all, you can’t quite get comfy with your shoes squeaking against the plastic cover on the end or the discolored pillow that fifty other people laid on. The strangest thing is that, lately, I’ve been seeing more and more mattress stores popping up. That just means that when you’ve laid on all the mattresses in one store, you can do it all over again in the next. None of this even includes the price comparison and negotiation aspects. Is there any easier way of choosing a mattress?

mattress shopping

I wish I had known earlier that ShopNBC sells big name mattresses! You can find the perfect mattress online for comparable prices. They’ve got great deals on numerous types of Serta mattresses which include their “Perfect Sleeper” line. For ShopNBC customers, these are made-to-order so that means you get a brand, spanking new mattress, not some dusty thing that’s been laying in a warehouse somewhere. There’s a huge selection as well! While I don’t like that there’s a fee for returns, at least you CAN return it if you’re really not happy.

Before you plan to gather the whole family for a fun-filled mattress shopping event, try to see if you can find your dream mattress online first.

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Heather February 7, 2012 - 9:42 am

I think that’s a brilliant idea! The timing couldn’t be better either, we need a new mattress and I happen to know exactly what I want. I’m not likely to send it back, so this is perfect. Thanks for the tip!

Cookies & Clogs February 7, 2012 - 9:32 pm

You’re welcome. I hope it works out for you 🙂

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