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Searching Through the Savings

by TerriAnn

A few years ago, retailers were just beginning to utilize social media for promotion and the savings to be found were awesome. I remember getting $120 worth of photobooks for only $13 shipping using a code and a pair of jeans from GAP were completely free for just checking-in at the store.

Since then, it seems that online deals and discountsin general have changed.These days, most online promotions now are spoken for within milliseconds. When it comes to deal sites, there are hundreds to choose from and it can be tough to sort through everything.

Woman looking through magnifying glass to searchInstead of just browsing all the sales in general, it’s much better to pick one item or store to start with. Then, you can simply put that in your preferred search engine. For example, say there’s something you liked at Kmart. The easiest thing you can do is to type “coupon for Kmart” and hit enter. If you want to find a coupon code for Amazon you can key it in just like that and the search engine does all the work for you. Easy, right?

After a while, you will find that there will be a site or two you tend to use most often. At that point, you can just select your favorite store and scroll through all the current deals for that retailer on one page. As you browse the promo codes for Sears, for example, you can see if you want to use a code for free shipping, a percentage off, or both.

The saving game has changed a bit but deals are available and easily accessible. You just have to be more deliberate in your tactics. What helps you find ways to save?

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