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The Better to See You With, My Dear

by TerriAnn

I really want laser eye surgery! I was only ten years old when I got my first pair of glasses and it has been almost twenty years since I started using contact lenses. I am so ready to go without!

Glasses are always getting dirty and slipping off my face. Plus, with my head shape and facial features I have yet to find a pair that actually looks good on me versus ‘just okay’. While contact lenses take care of those issues, there are other problems. Whether you use hard or soft lenses (I’ve used both in the past but right now am using soft, disposable ones), things are bound to get in your eyes and irritate them. Plus, especially when tired, my eyes tend to get very dry.

Though my prescription only requires +3 strength for each eye, it still means I can only see things about one foot away before becoming blurry. It would be so wonderful to wake up in the morning and actually be able to see clearly without having to reach for my glasses!

Putting on Contact Lens

So why am I waiting to get it done?  Who can splurge on a ‘convenience’ procedure when there are more important needs to care for such as groceries, clothing, utility bills, car costs, educational projects, etcetera? And, even if we are somehow able to save up, I would probably urge my husband to get his done first. His glasses are always bothering him and he cannot put contacts in no matter what we try (he shuts his eyes the second the contact lens gets close). I can’t help but feel that his situation ranks higher in priority. Poor guy…

Oh well, maybe I can get my vision corrected one of these days. A few people I know that had it done said the surgery was finished quickly and healed very well. In the meantime, I just have to be content with my glasses and contacts. At least I can buy contacts online for less and only have to replace them every 2-3 weeks or so. Who knows? Since colored contacts are available almost everywhere now, maybe I’ll even try a whole new look with some green/hazel or gray contacts.

Still, am I the only one so irritated with not having naturally perfect vision?

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