Quote: If You Don’t Like Something…

Motivational Quote About Coping / Change…

I heard this quote long ago and it has helped me cope through many situations. I hope it is encouraging to you too!

Mary Engelbreit quote

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  1. Great quote, and so true!

  2. I had hermit crabs as pets years ago. I love that picture!

    • TerriAnn van Gosliga says:

      Isn’t it funny?! It’s one thing to have a great quote but quite another to see a picture that captures the essence of it as well.

  3. Love Love Love Love Love the quote. :)

    • TerriAnn van Gosliga says:

      So glad you like it! I originally thought my sister was so clever for coming up with it…until I realized it was an existing quote from someone else :P

  4. That’s a fantastic quote!

  5. Love it!

  6. I have seen this quote too and just love it!

  7. I love it! Hope your week is going well!

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