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Uniform Teeth Clinics Now Open & Clear Aligners Tray Set Update

by TerriAnn
Uniform Teeth Clear Aligners Tray Set and Covid-19 safety updates

A few months ago, my daughter started her teeth straightening treatment using clear aligners with Uniform Teeth. I meant to update you on her progress sooner but then travel, sickness, and a pandemic happened so everything was on hold. With a Shelter in Place Order in effect and with Uniform Teeth clinics temporarily closed, the timing just wasn’t right. But, starting today, both San Francisco locations are now open to current and new patients! We booked Munchkin’s appointment for later this month and she will finally be able to move onto the next phase of her treatment.

Uniform Teeth COVID-19 Safety Updates

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering about how safe it is to have orthodontic work done amidst the current coronavirus pandemic. I’m happy to say that Uniform Teeth is investing a lot of thought, funds, and effort into keeping their patients and staff safe. Here is a brief summary of some of the new changes that are being implemented.

Uniform Teeth Clear Aligners Tray Set and Covid-19 safety updates

  • Heightened deep-cleaning and sterilization procedures
    – Waiting rooms are sterilized before and after check-in
    – Patient consultations rooms are sterilized before every appointment
    – Doorknobs, handles, exam chairs, computers, tables, and desks will be disinfected every 30 – 60 minutes
  • Protective Equipment
    – Everyone must wear a face mask, which can only be removed during the procedure itself
    – Uniform Teeth staff will be equipped with an N95 respirator, face shield, protective clothing, and headcovers
  • Health Screenings
    – Patients will be screened for fever, cough, sore throat, chills, aches or runny nose
    – Patients experiencing any of the above conditions will be rescheduled when they are symptom-free for 14 consecutive days
    – Every staff member, orthodontist, and patient will have their temperature checked upon entering the clinic
  • Social Distancing
    – Time between appointments will be increased to remove overlap in the waiting room

You can read about these changes in more detail on the company’s blog. I, for one, feel a lot less nervous about bringing my daughter in for an appointment since Uniform Teeth is taking this current health situation so seriously.

A good example of this is that, even though I am partnering with the company to share our experience, I will not be able to join my daughter during her appointment. This would conflict with a new policy to only have the patient and necessary staff in the room during a procedure. In addition to this, she needs to be tested for COVID-19 a week before her appointment and must bring the cleared results with her to the clinic.

Uniform Teeth Clear Aligners — First Set of Trays

I should also fill you in on our experience with Munchkin’s first set of clear aligners before I continue with the next steps. A couple of weeks after her consultation, we received a box in the mail. The package included instructions, four sets of aligners, a portable case, Chewies (soft rolls to nudge the aligners tighter into place), a packet of gum, and a whitening kit. The clear aligner sets were individually packed and clearly labeled Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4. This initial set was designed to widen the area in her mouth and to get the teeth in a more workable position.

Uniform Teeth Clear Aligners Tray Set and Covid-19 safety updates

Uniform Teeth Clear Aligners Tray Set and Covid-19 safety updates

The aligners fit perfectly and there were no rough edges. The only discomfort my daughter experienced was with using a new set. To lessen the soreness she felt, the orthodontist recommended that she start each new set at night. This helped tremendously and the soreness dissipated on the following day. My daughter uploaded photos of her teeth in the Uniform Teeth app every week so the staff could monitor her progress and offer suggestions if necessary.

Uniform Teeth Clear Aligners Tray Set and Covid-19 safety updates

Uniform Teeth Clear Aligners Tray Set and Covid-19 safety updates

Munchkin needed to be diligent in putting her clear aligners back in after eating as well. If she had them off for periods longer than a half-hour, her teeth already started shifting back. Ideally, she is supposed to wear them 20-22 hours per day.

At least she could eat whatever she wanted when she took the aligners out. This helped her enjoy our vacation to Walt Disney World much more than if she had to deal with the food restrictions of traditional braces. We just had to make sure she put her aligners in the bright orange Uniform Teeth case so she didn’t lose them.

Walt Disney World France Pavilion Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Walt Disney World Skipper Canteen Deep Fried Fish

Disney Dream Cruise Line Escargot

Contacting the Care Team Using the Uniform Teeth App

After some time, though, her one “trouble tooth” started to feel wiggly. She was very worried about her tooth falling out so she contacted Uniform Teeth via their app. The Uniform Care Team responded within 24 hours to assure her that this was normal and that the bone around her teeth will settle when her treatment is done.

At the end of February, Munchkin was supposed to go into the clinic to prime her teeth for the next phase and to confirm her next set of clear aligners. But, that couldn’t happen due to the timing and situation mentioned at the outset of this post. This led us to discover an interesting side note. Though each aligner set is only intended to be worn for a week or so, her last set actually lasted 2-1/2 months before it developed a crack. It turns out that Uniform Teeth clear aligners are made of really sturdy materials!

Uniform Teeth App Clear Aligners Tray Set and Covid-19 safety updates

So this brings us to where we are now. Munchkin is still using a set of clear aligners from her first shipment. She doesn’t have any soreness and she is already in the habit of cleaning and putting her aligners back in after she eats. While there hasn’t been any major movement yet, she does notice slightly more space between her teeth. We’re curious how things will go once the orthodontist adds anchors on her teeth to start turning them. Stay tuned for that update!

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In the meantime, you can already start treatment for you and/or your child. If you book a free consultation ​here and mention my handle (@cookieandclogs), you’ll get a $200 discount on your treatment. Nice, right?! If you do take advantage of this special offer, let me know how your treatment experience goes!

This post is in partnership with Uniform Teeth and treatment is being provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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