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2010-11 Homeschool Curriculum

by TerriAnn

There are many options in choosing curriculum for your children. As we begin the fourth grade this year, I am currently using:

Grammar: Growing With Grammar – Simple yet well-rounded. As long as your child can read they can pretty much do the exercises by themselves, with you just correcting their work and giving a bit of explanation on difficult concepts. I like the program so much, Idecided to try their spelling and vocabulary offering this year as well.

Language Arts: Pearson – Haven’t found a curriculum I am particularly fond of so giving this one a try.

Math: Singapore Math – Fun illustrations and promotes advanced techniques. Math is one of those subjects many have differing views about. Homeschool Math was instrumental in just helping me to figure out where to begin. From here I decided on Singapore Math.

The presentation of the material is colorful and focuses a lot on mental calculation. To make this program work though, the parent needs to really be involved in helping the child in each step. At one point, I had to stop and make sure my daughter understood the basic ideas. We then began the section over and it was much better. They also offer helpful manuals that were written specifically for the homeschool environment.

Last year I was pulling my hair out trying to get my daughter to do her math but then she went and scored in the highest level on her STAR testing. Somehow, she’s really grasping the information without realizing it.

History: Story of the World – From the beginning to end without being overly biased. History is brought to life by retelling actual history in a creative and engaging way.

Okay, I actually haven’t resumed our lessons in this since last year. Though my daughter loves the story-like writing and the accompanying activities, I think it’s so boring! Well, I guess I have to compromise since I make her do a bunch of other schoolwork she doesn’t like.

Social Studies: Houghton-Mifflin – Trying this for the first time as I haven’t found a publisher that I want to stick with yet.

Science: California Science, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill – Beautiful illustrations and instills a love of science. I’ve used this textbook series since first grade and it is still amazing. After ordering it for us, our supervising teacher began using it as well. This year she suggested the additional “Interactive Text”. It’s a fabulous workbook to reinforce the lesson after being read.

Due to this book and the projects in it, science is my daughter’s favorite subject.

Each year differs as we put the various programs into use. And, what works for us may not work for you. I hope the above information at least help you get a better idea of the curriculum you would like to use.

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