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Welcoming 2020 & Attending the 2020 Disney Creators Celebration

by TerriAnn

Can you believe we are in 2020?! Last year was a very unique one for our family and, with so many changes happening, much of it was spent offline. I plan to share more with you from here on out, especially since we’ll be attending the Disney Creators Celebration at Walt Disney World in 1-1/2 months. I’ll tell you about more that after updating you on what has been going on with us lately. 😉

2019 Year in Review — A Year of Transition

Much of 2019 revolved around our daughter. Munchkin finished up her senior year in high school, turned 18 years old and officially entered adulthood, graduated, started her first job, traveled to Alaska by herself to visit family, decided on her major, became a full-time college student (at a local community college), got her driver’s license, and had all FOUR of her wisdom teeth removed a couple of weeks ago. (FYI, I am prohibited from posting ANY photos or videos from that.) Her transition from child to adult has been an interesting one as it required more of our support than we thought it would.

Daughter taking test for her Driver's License

But, now that she can drive herself and feels more confident in doing things on her own, Frans and I look forward to a bit more breathing room. That fact alone is pretty awesome. We kind of felt like our lives were on hold while we helped Munchkin become more established. We’ve had other issues to deal with during the past year, too, including health problems, a shift in secular work, and Speckles’ ongoing vet visits after her bladder stones surgery. Hopefully, things should lighten up for us soon. And just in time too!

2020 Preview — A Year of Celebration

While 2019 was a year of transition for us, 2020 will be full of significant events to celebrate. Frans and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in April. (Early-congrats to us!) Then, in May, Cookies & Clogs will be 10 years old and Munchkin will finish her schooling. (Finally!) As soon as that is over, we’ll head back to the Netherlands in the summer to visit the family. (Whoo-hoo!)

I also received a surprising invitation in my inbox a few months ago to attend the Disney Creators Celebration in February. We wanted to keep things under wraps until we confirmed our attendance and travel arrangements. Everything is set and we’re are 100% going! (Extra yay!)

2020 Disney Creators Celebration

Disney Creators Celebration at Walt Disney World

The Disney Creators Celebration: A Disney Land & Sea Event for 2020 will be held at Walt Disney World on February 18-24, 2020. Our attendance fee includes admission to the parks, much of our food, special programming, lodging at the new Disney’s Riviera Resort, and a three-night cruise on the Disney Dream. We haven’t been to Walt Disney World for a while and this will be our first cruise ever! We can’t wait!

This Disney-focused blogging conference took a break in 2019 and was previously called the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. You’re welcome to read all about our experiences during the 2014, 2015, and 2016 events. During Disney Creators Celebration, we’ll be sharing what’s new at Walt Disney World and about any attractions or features coming soon. Stay tuned for more updates under the hashtag #DisneyCreators.

So how did 2019 treat you and do you have any major events lined up for 2020?

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