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Arm & Hammer My Way Spinbrush

by TerriAnn

We’ve tried so hard to get my daughter to use an electric toothbrush. She didn’t like the Oral-B and says the Sonicare hurts her teeth. She uses traditional toothbrushes, but wears them out too quickly by bending all the bristles out. I was thrilled to hear about the My Way Spinbrush from Arm & Hammer. It’s the first of its kind, a customizable electric toothbrush specifically designed for girls (there is probably a ‘boy’ version on its way). I was a bit nervous as it looked VERY girly and didn’t know how my daughter, who’s 9 years old, would react.

When I opened the package and showed it to my daughter she was giddy with excitement. When we opened the package and she saw that she could use stickers to customize it, she was so anxious to get started that I had to plead with her to let me take pictures first! Yes, there are princesses but that just covers about 2 of the 140 stickers included.

My daughter was able to choose which she wanted to use and put them on exactly where she wanted it. My daughter was so ecstatic to find there was a ladybug, her favorite bug. Then she explained why she chose those particular stickers and even had a little story to go along with it.

When I put her new toothbrush next to our electric toothbrush in the bathroom, my little one seemed so proud. She said, “I put my name on it so if anyone steals it, they would know it was mine.” I then proceeded to tell that they could then just borrow it and, after using it, could give it back. You should have heard her, “Eiuwwww!” The only problem was that I had to cut a ‘w’ in half since there weren’t enough ‘n’ letters for her name.

Surprisingly, she actually enjoys brushing her teeth now. I know we’ll be getting more of these in the future and you will too after you try it so get the $2.00 off coupon while it’s available.

Disclosure: I was provided with an Arm & Hammer My Way Spinbrush at no cost in order to test the product. The review presented here is 100% my honest opinion.

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Stefani July 23, 2010 - 1:19 pm

That toothbrush looks really cool for little girls. My 5 year old would really love decorating her own. Right now they have the Sonic brush for kids.

tamvg July 23, 2010 - 2:22 pm

Yes, but it doesn’t look half as cool as this one 🙂

Suzy August 29, 2010 - 2:50 pm

Oh wow, that’s really cool! I like how it makes girls want to brush their teeth. lol. =] It’s so cool that you can customize it. If after awhile it gets boring, can you remove the stickers without them leaving any sticky/pieces behind? Because if so you could probably just redecorate the whole thing again and make it like new! Neat.

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