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Just How Clean is Clean? Leave the Ick Scrubbing to Bounty DuraTowel #DitchandSwitch

by TerriAnn
Bounty DuraTowel Ditch & Switch Dishcloth Challenge #DitchandSwitch


How confident would you be if someone were to take a microscope to your kitchen counter and scan for bacterial germies? Well, that’s kind of what happened to me when I was challenged to use a dishtowel for three days and send it into Bounty (unwashed) to be examined. What were the results?

Bounty DuraTowel Ditch and Switch Challenge

This challenge was a bit, well, challenging for me. I already dislike the idea of using a wet cloth over and over again to just push guck around instead of actually cleaning and sanitizing it each time. Still, I persevered and tried to use the provided dishcloth for cleaning up the kitchen counter, scrubbing the stovetop, and wiping down the faucet and cabinets. For my own sanity, I had to use a sanitizing cloth afterward though.

According to the P&G Research & Development team, my dishcloth ranked at 446. This is pretty good when you consider that a standard dishcloth generally ranks at about 18,000. Still, anything over 300 has the potential of spreading germs and making a kitchen unclean. Pretty good is just not good enough when it comes to the health of my family!

Bounty DuraTowel Ditch & Switch Dishcloth Challenge #DitchandSwitch

What is DuraTowel?

Bounty DuraTowel is a new type of paper towel that’s meant to do all your regular dishcloth does but without spreading around the germs. Some key features are:

  • A unique structure that provides outstanding performance when wet.
  • A fresh sheet is cloth-like and strong enough to tackle tough jobs like cleaning countertops, sinks, and even small appliances.
  • Clinically proven to leave surfaces 3X cleaner than a germy dishcloth that could redeposit germs on surfaces you come in contact with throughout the day.

Initially, it didn’t seem much different from the normal Bounty paper towels (that’s what we normally use at home) aside from the different pattern and a coarser texture. When wet, it was clear that the DuraTowel really held its form and I was even able to scrub some food specks off the counter without any breakage. Best part? I could just throw it away when done.

Bounty DuraTowel Ditch & Switch Dishcloth Challenge #DitchandSwitch

Some might argue that the cost would add up too quickly for regular use. However, my local Target sells a single roll for $1.99 and the Bounty site has a coupon for $1 off. That’s hardly a financial inconvenience if you ask me. Plus, it’s totally worth it to know that your kitchen surfaces are that much cleaner. Even when rinsing a dishcloth off with some soap, I still don’t feel confident that everything from the last wipe was disinfected.

Final Verdict

I’ll take Bounty DuraTowel over a typical dishcloth any day. I never liked the idea of reusing something like that over and over again without being washed but other alternatives just weren’t available at that time. Now one is. For a reasonable price, I can quickly clean up my kitchen and know that it’s actually clean.

Bounty exposed my dirty dishcloth and showed me the cleaner way to clean with Bounty DuraTowel, the only cloth-like, durable paper towel that is clinically proven to leave surfaces three times cleaner than a germy dishcloth.* Find out more here!

*1tsp spaghetti sauce, 10 mls. coffee, ⅛ tsp creamer on laminate countertop

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bounty. The opinions and text are all mine.

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