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Burke Williams Introduces the Dot.com Enhancement

by TerriAnn

Burke Williams has just added a new massage enhancement to their line. It can be added on for just $20 and is called the Dot.com. This therapeutic technique was designed for those that suffer from the negative effects due to the way they sit when in front of a computer, on a smart phone, and driving a car.

Just what we need, right? Well, my husband needed it too so he went off to try the service at the San Francisco location. As for the men’s side of the day spa, it is designed in a way to make the male guests comfortable. With shaving stations, a separate sitting room, and private showers your man can still feel ‘manly’ when going in for an appointment. Plus, it was very clean and my husband wants to go back WITH his swim trunks to try the steam bath. He was also impressed with the staff he met.

Burke Williams Day Spa Men Male San Francisco

After the deep-tissue massage and Dot.com enhancement, he came home exhausted. It was as if his muscles had a full-on workout. He was not too enthused with the therapist working on him so it was hard to focus on the enhancement itself. Too bad he didn’t get the girl I did, she was amazing! His shoulders and arms feel any worse, but he also didn’t notice it being much better either. I’m not sure how much good can be done in only twenty minutes, though. So a full review would have to be based on a series of regular use of the Dot.com enhancement.

Here’s a bit more about the new service:

Dot.com addresses prevalent issues from everyday life including head and shoulder forward posture, thoracic outlet syndrome and carpel tunnel syndrome. The service incorporates a back bolstering technique to work the shoulder girdle area, use of a therapeutic ball for shoulder and arm work, and a therapeutic wand as a way to enhance the stretching techniques used to open up the pectoral muscles and extend the front of the body. This powerful combination of techniques target tension in the neck, back and shoulders. Although the service is designed to be therapeutic, guests will still receive the benefits of rest and relaxation through clay heat packs that help calm and center the body during the enhancement session.

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Alison June 19, 2012 - 4:41 am

Oh man I need something to combat the negative effects of sitting at a computer!

Cookies & Clogs June 19, 2012 - 5:45 pm

What blogger doesn’t?!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell June 19, 2012 - 3:42 pm

He came and was ready for a nap! Kinda cool that they have something targeted to people like us.

Cookies & Clogs June 19, 2012 - 5:46 pm

I know. I’m pretty much regretting that I let him go in my place. 😛

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