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Delivery Man [Blu-ray]

by TerriAnn
Touchstone Pictures Delivery Man on Blu-ray review


Delivery Man is now available to own on Blu-ray, DVD, digital SD/HD, and On-Demand . Not knowing what to expect, my family and I popped in the disc to see what this movie was all about.

Touchstone Pictures Delivery Man on Blu-ray review

Delivery Man Official Synopsis

In this heartwarming comedy, underachiever David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) learns he’s actually an overachiever — he’s fathered 533 children via donations made twenty years earlier! David soon discovers that the shock of his life might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Along the way he discovers not only his true self, but also the father he could become. Also starring Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders — and complete with bonus materials, including behind-the-scenes footage — it’s a feel-good movie that really delivers.

I’m the type that tends to judge a movie based on the main actors appearing in it. With Vince Vaughn as the film’s lead actor, I wasn’t sure if this movie would be too mature for a family movie night. Fortunately, we did enjoy it. The story was moving and Vaughn seemed to naturally fill his role as a lovable father. Parenthood/family is celebrated from all different angles.

Bonus features:

  • Building Family (Blu-ray & Digital)
  • Vince Vaughn: Off The Cuff (Blu-ray & Digital)
  • “I Got The Part” (Blu-ray & Digital)
  • Bloopers (Blu-ray, DVD & Digital)
  • Deleted Scene: You Are Under Arrest (Blu-ray, DVD & Digital)

While the movie was much better and sweetly emotional than anticipated, reasons for the PG-13 rating are very clear. Families might want to take note of the following scenes:

  • There are some one-liners about how the donations were ‘acquired’.
  • The main character grows ‘medicinal herbs’ in his house.
  • Loan sharks attempt to drown the lead in his bathtub.
  • There is a direct lip-to-lip kiss shot that tips off one son’s orientation.

Delivery Man offers a unique and solid storyline. The casting was exceptional and I love the diversity presented among the featured children. As a light and sweet movie, you may want to add it to your to rent/buy list.

To learn more visit, Facebook @ www.facebook.com/DeliveryManMovie on Twitter at @  twitter.com/deliverymanfilm.

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Marcie W. March 28, 2014 - 4:12 pm

My sister and I saw Delivery Man in theaters and absolutely loved it! It is pretty hard for a movie to make me both laugh AND cry, but this one managed to accomplish both. Although we do not censor our children much, I felt this film was more for older teens and adults.

Theresa @ Faith and Family Reviews March 28, 2014 - 6:51 pm

I’d like to see this movie, I think it would make me laugh and it looks neat.

HilLesha March 28, 2014 - 7:05 pm

This is probably a movie I’d have to watch alone, because Vince Vaughn irks my husband to no end. 😀

Crystal Green March 28, 2014 - 7:56 pm

I actually bought this movie because I couldn’t rent it because I was so eager to watch it. I was a bit surprised that Vince didn’t cause me to have more laughs than what we had in it, but it was still a great movie.

Tammy March 28, 2014 - 8:18 pm

We went to see this with my parents in the theater last year. I was surprised at how much my husband liked it to, he generally doesn’t care for movies like this.

Lisa March 28, 2014 - 8:41 pm

LOVED this movie and glad it’s finally on our shelf. I agree that Vince Vaughn played the role fantastically, but I really loved Chris Pratt and can’t wait to see more of him in Guardians of the Galaxy!

Shell Feis March 28, 2014 - 11:34 pm

I just watched this last weekend with my husband and we both loved it! He didn’t expect to but I made him watch it and he’s glad now that I did.

Tricia Nightowlmama March 29, 2014 - 1:21 am

I loved this movie it really puts Vince Vaughn into a fun new character who is loved by … how many kids does he have again LOL

Colleen March 29, 2014 - 7:44 pm

I’ve seen mixed reviews but I would love to see it.

Kathleen B March 29, 2014 - 7:53 pm

We will definitely be picking up this movie! I love the story behind it!

Robin Gagnon {Mom Foodie} March 29, 2014 - 8:18 pm

Cool. I have been waiting for this one to come to DVD

Ty March 29, 2014 - 10:03 pm

We’re going to be ordering this tonight, can’t wait!

Vanessa: thequeenofswag March 29, 2014 - 10:58 pm

Super excited this is now on Blu-ray. Love this movie.

Anne - Mommy Has to Work March 30, 2014 - 5:47 am

I have it to watch just didn’t get there yet.

Lucero @We Are Earthformed March 30, 2014 - 3:49 pm

We haven’t seen this one yet. I tend to tire of Vince Vaughn. Everyone’s been saying this movie is good, so it may be worth checking it out.

Raijean March 30, 2014 - 5:08 pm

I love this movie, I need to add it to my collection!

Liz Mays March 31, 2014 - 5:33 am

I almost picked this one up the other day but second guessed myself. I guess I’ll go ahead with it or at least rent it.

Rachel @ following in my shoes March 31, 2014 - 8:40 am

I haven’t seen this yet … good to know it’s out now!

Angela March 31, 2014 - 11:50 am

i haven’t seen this movie. I’ll have to check it out soon.

Kelsey Apley March 31, 2014 - 12:15 pm

I watched this last week. It is such a good movie and I was surprised at how much sentimental moments there was!

Donna March 31, 2014 - 8:02 pm

I love Vince Vaughn but missed this at the theaters… gonna have to get the DVD.

Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy.com April 2, 2014 - 8:35 am

Can’t wait to add this one to our DVD collection.

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