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dENiZEN Jeans, Only at Target

by TerriAnn

dENIZEN jeans from Levi's at TargetOur worst nightmare can be our best friend – so it is with jeans. The tiresome search from store-to-store to find the right size/shape/style is something most of us dread and is probably why we have some tired ol’ jeans from years ago that are saggy, faded, and just a little t0o snug in the mid-section. Still, when we finally find that one pair that fits in all right places we will likely wear it daily until it is time to get another pair, but in a different color. The downside is when that one pair is fairly expensive or they discontinue it.

Denizen jeans by Levi's available at TargetWell, get your game-face on because there is a new line of jeans that you and the family will love. I know it sounds silly but every time I put on my pair of Mid Rise Boot Cut dENIZEN jeans I go, “Ooh!” Even though they have become my new go-to pair of pants I’m always surprised at how soft and comfortable they are. They slide on so easily and, though they stretch to my exact shape, they never feel tight or awkward. Even right after a wash, there’s no ‘breaking in’ because they just feel that fantastic whether running errands, playing with my daughter, or going out to dinner.

Plus, I love the fact that they come in different lengths. The ‘short’ is perfect for my petite size and no ‘cuffing’ or alteration is necessary. I can wear them with flats, sneakers, or heels and they look great.

dENiZEN jeans are by Levi’s and are only available at Target. What’s just as good as the jeans themselves is the price. Retailing for $17.99 to $29.99 you can afford to get a pair, or two, or three for the whole family. Though dENiZEN provided a complimentary pair for me to try (in conjunction with Team Mom) I plan on raiding Target.com for more pairs soon (they don’t carry the ‘short’ in-store)!

Oh, in case you were wondering, the jeans come in the following:

Women’s: Sizes range from 2-18 with fits including Mid Rise Boot Cut, Mid Rise Straight, Totally Shaping Mid Rise Boot Cut and Totally Shaping at Waist Boot Cut.

Men’s: Sizes range from 29″-42″ W and 30″-34″ L with fits including Regular, Relaxed, Straight, Loose, Low Boot, Slim Straight and Skinny.

Girls’: Sizes range from 4-20 with fits including Super Skinny, Skinny and Slim Boot.

Boys’: Sizes range from 4-20 with fits including Loose, Straight, Slim Straight and Skinny.

You can get more information and great coupons on the dENiZEN Facebook page.

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