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Disney Movie Rewards

by TerriAnn

I only heard about Disney Movie Rewards in the past year or so. Signing up is free and they do not fill your email box with innumerable messages. Inside most of the current dvd/blu-ray releases of Disney films, you will find a code to enter at Disney Movie Rewards.You can also get points by submitting photos of your movie stubs for select movies like Tangled or Tron.

Granted, the points do take a while to add up with movies alone. That is why bonus points are always a nice treat. Over the past month, I was able to add about 400 points with bonus codes alone. Thanks to that, I was able to redeem my points for a cool Toy Story 3 set.

So if you are a Disney fan or just happen to see/buy Disney movies, this might be a good rewards program for you.

Here are a few codes to get you started:

  • COOL – 50
  • CHIHUAHUA – 25
  • REX – 25 for new members only (thanks, Being Alison)
  • D11M20R01NY – 50

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