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Don’t Fret the Sweat

by TerriAnn

What’s that smell? You nervously, but inconspicuously, smell yourself. That’s not it. So you try to follow the odor around where you are and where does it lead you? To your child! If you were ever curious as to when was the right time for your child to use deodorant – it is now!

Most parents whose children reach the ages of 8-12 (puberty is starting earlier for many) know this experience all too well. Our little ones are growing up and one sign of that is they start to stink under their arms. By the way, at this point, we have smelled and dealt with far grosser things so sticking our nose in an armpit or two is no big deal…

More important, though, is our child. They have many new changes to deal with, one of which is getting their new-found scent under control. Kids can be REALLY cruel and the last thing we want is for our child to feel self-conscious or insecure with this body change. During the Don’t Fret The Sweat initiative, a new line of deodorant, from various well-known brands, has been released which is specifically for young ones in their pre-pubescent stage. These formulas target the two main issues: sweat and smell.

My daughter already needs to use deodorant but, up to this point, I was unsure as to which I should buy for her. I am an avid sweat-er myself and did not want to start her off on the clinical-type formulas (I stopped using those because I would still sweat but then my pores got clogged). We happened to come across Degree Teen and like the ‘Just Dance’ scent. Now we both use it and like it very much!

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blueviolet May 10, 2011 - 2:01 pm

I don’t like the clinical formulas either. They also make me itch. This sounds like a great formula for kids to start with.

Cookies & Clogs May 10, 2011 - 4:06 pm

Same here about the itching. So far I actually like the one we picked up as well! Even at the end of the day I don’t smell myself (TMI, I know).

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