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by TerriAnn

E-Rewards is an online survey company. I’ve been enrolled in this program for a couple years now but have only recently been active in taking the surveys. I’m happy to say that in about 3 months, I earned enough points to redeem for 1,000 airline miles. They have a lot of different rewards available but the ones that are of interest start at the $25 or $50 reward level. The amount of email notifications for new surveys that fit your profile are very reasonable. But it can be feast or famine in regards to the amount of applicable surveys available. My husband had originally signed me up so I’m not quite sure how a new person may sign up for their service. As far as I’m aware, membership is invitation-only if they get your info from one of their sponsors.

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Becky March 18, 2011 - 12:00 pm

I love e-rewards! I’ve been a member of it for about 2 years!

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