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by TerriAnn

One area we have really been trying to watch is our spending on groceries. Just a small basket-full can cost an upwards of $100 or more. Trying to eat healthy with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats stretch those costs even more. Getting things on sale and using coupons can save a bundle but sometimes there are items that you would like to purchase which are not included among those. Residents on the western side of the country have another opportunity to save with the chain of Grocery Outlet stores referred to as ‘bargain markets’.

The first thing I noticed as I entered the store was the the huge produce section. Not only did they have great prices, but the produce looked fresh and each price label clearly stated where that particular item was grown. There was a great selection and I found everything I was looking for for the next few meals.

Grocery Outlet in the Bay Area CaliforniaGrocery Outlet in the Bay Area California

As I continued onto the refrigerated section, I found a package of Smoked Gouda by Uniekaas. This is a brand that we actually used to buy when we lived in the Netherlands (Holland). I was tickled pink to add it to my cart and the price tag of this imported cheese did not scare me off. Later, when my husband saw it, he was shocked to see this brand here. He said, “Where did you find that? What?! You got it at Grocery Outlet?!” What a fun find! I also picked up some Oscar Meyer deli meat, the exact variety we usually get but at a portion of the price. Usually, even on sale, the lowest price I buy it for is $2.49. At Grocery Outlet, they had several packages for only $1.49. A whole dollar off of each package! Be sure to check the date as the expiration date was a tad earlier than we would find at our usual grocery store.

Speaking of our usual grocery store, they’ve been out of a lot of items lately. We were so happy to find the V8 Fusion in the Peach Mango flavor (and at a lower price) that we grabbed a few bottles. There were no worries of stocking up a bit as they had plenty of supply.

Grocery Outlet in the Bay Area CaliforniaGrocery Outlet in the Bay Area California

This store had everything! From pet supplies, to diapers, to frozen items, to Wilton bakeware, to live plants – all at a fraction of the retail price. I needed to get some baking pans so I grabbed this 5-piece set of Oneida non-stick set for $14.99, the same price I paid for just one simple pizza pan at another store only a few months ago. With Martinelli’s Sparking Lemonade, Pepperidge Farm cookies, a six-pack of Coca-Cola, Del Monte sliced peaches, and more, I hesitantly approached the cashier. I had a $50 gift card but I was prepared to put the pans back if the price went over too much.

Grocery Outlet in the Bay Area California

It came up to $55.97 WITH tax. I was ecstatic. The last few times I went grocery shopping, I bought less than this and no ‘luxury’ items yet the price was 2-3 times more! What felt even better was the fact that I actually saved more than I spent – a whopping $79.73!

Grocery Outlet in the Bay Area CaliforniaGrocery Outlet in the Bay Area California

The inventory of Grocery Outlet is not always the same so be sure to buy it when you see it. It’s kind of like the TJ Maxx of the food world in which they buy others’ overstock or cancelled orders and sell it at a lower price. For me, the closest location is still too far to count a notable savings for regular weekly or bi-monthly shopping trips. However, if you have one close-by, you can save a huge amount on name brand items and family favorites.

Those in the South San Francisco Bay Area get two new San Jose locations to go to while those further north will see a new South San Francisco store! In celebration of this, I get to give away a $50 gift card to Grocery Outlet to one of my readers! Just enter below:

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jaimee w March 2, 2012 - 6:19 pm

Chico, CA location is closest to me

Patrice B March 2, 2012 - 7:42 pm

6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA

April Brenay March 2, 2012 - 8:15 pm

We have one in Lakewood WA, only about 5 minutes from my home 🙂

Kimberly Schotz March 2, 2012 - 8:30 pm
Allie March 2, 2012 - 8:57 pm

I think we are getting one of those out this way. If not, heck, I am used to traveling far to shop.
I didn’t know Grocery Outlet was like TJ Maxx, grab it when it is there.


Natalie U March 2, 2012 - 9:39 pm

on North Capitol in San Jose is right near my work, see it all the time and it just opened
pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

PurpleLarkspur March 2, 2012 - 9:59 pm

The store closest to me is in South San Francisco.

Rochelle March 3, 2012 - 5:35 am

One is opening up near my house, about 20 miles away. I can’t wait!

JR Pickett (Vicki Vix on r/c form) March 3, 2012 - 10:33 am

Nice giveaway. Thanks. The nearest location to me is the Bremerton, WA Grocery Outlet which is within a couple miles of me.

Angela J March 3, 2012 - 1:00 pm

Nearesr is about 10 minutes north of our house

Joseph March 3, 2012 - 9:39 pm

15810 SE MCLOUGHLIN BLVD, MILWAUKIE, OR 97267 – is the nearest Grocery Outlet to me. (less than a mile from my home)

asha marie pwna March 5, 2012 - 12:35 am

It will be glendale az when I move in a week

Monique Rizzo March 5, 2012 - 8:34 pm

Bonney Lake, WA
Thanks for the chance.

Summer D March 6, 2012 - 8:21 pm

D st, Salem, Oregon

Vicki S March 6, 2012 - 11:27 pm

The nearest to me is
8517 BOND RD.

Erika P. March 7, 2012 - 9:01 am

Atascadero, CA

Amanda Hoffman March 7, 2012 - 10:37 pm

7120 Se Flavel St
Portland,OR 97206

Tracy Robertson March 9, 2012 - 12:25 pm

Mine is in Redwood City, CA. It’s not my closest grocery store, but I go there at least once a month because they have great deals!

Jill e March 10, 2012 - 6:36 pm

Lynnwood, WA
YOu can really find great sales there!

Kimberly March 10, 2012 - 9:17 pm

Kenmore, WA

Kimberly March 10, 2012 - 9:43 pm

Love shopping @ Grocery Outlet. I shop at several of them.
Kenmore, WA

Janice March 11, 2012 - 10:11 am

Buena Park, CA

Cindy March 11, 2012 - 3:49 pm

San Jose grocery outlet in Ca.

Kathleen Downes March 11, 2012 - 6:32 pm

Reno, NV

Amy Zachek March 12, 2012 - 9:36 am

There’s one near Seattle, which is where I plan on moving soon!

Susan Chester March 12, 2012 - 4:25 pm

There is a grocery outlet on Division street in Gresham Oregon about 10 minutes from me

Debbie Hogue March 15, 2012 - 8:23 pm

Just over 2 miles away in Island City, OR

Melody C March 16, 2012 - 6:27 am

I love Grocery Outlet! The nearest one it the 3308 Ne 3Rd Ave in Camas,WA 98607.

McKim March 16, 2012 - 1:52 pm

I always shop with my daughter at the one in Lewiston, ID

Kathy Rambousek March 16, 2012 - 2:49 pm

Our nearest Grocery Outlet is in Camas, WA about 5 miles away

Angela Winesburg March 16, 2012 - 2:59 pm

I would love to win this for my mom, the closest store to her is in Berkeley

rageena March 16, 2012 - 4:36 pm

Buena Park (I live in L.A.)

Cyndy Wood March 17, 2012 - 2:20 am

Klamath Falls Oregon is the closest to me.

Sue C. March 17, 2012 - 2:27 am

I usually shop at a new location in Fremont, CA.

Sue C. March 17, 2012 - 2:32 am

oops – misread the question, I live closer to some locations in San Jose (Williams Rd or Foxworthy) but almost always shop at the Fremont location with my mom

Tina D Reynolds March 17, 2012 - 8:56 am

not real close to me but next door to my mom who I would give it too in vancouver wa

Kayte CookWatts March 17, 2012 - 5:15 pm

4420 Ne Hancock St..
Portland,OR 97213

Tim March 17, 2012 - 5:55 pm

I am a regular shopper at my local Grocery Outlet. In my region, they have the best prices on tater tots, a 32oz bag for $1brisket.

Erica C. March 17, 2012 - 8:22 pm

I don’t have any near me but I’d send this to my step dad who lives in California. He shops there.

susan glazer March 17, 2012 - 8:51 pm

there is no store within 50 miles of my home

Deanna G. March 17, 2012 - 9:40 pm

There’s one just a few miles from me!

David March 17, 2012 - 11:23 pm

I have a grocery outlet in my town and I shop there regularly. They have monthly ads that they put on their site.

Christina Sparks March 18, 2012 - 9:32 am

In Sparks, NV about five miles from where I work and 40 miles from where I live

Jaque R. March 18, 2012 - 10:39 am

Glendale, AZ…the one I shop at is my nearest store. 🙂 Thank you.

Daniel M March 18, 2012 - 11:16 am

none near me but i have relatives in CA

Qhuinn March 18, 2012 - 11:56 am

Lynwood, Washington. Thanks!

Bonnigene March 18, 2012 - 1:46 pm

The nearest Grocery Outlet to me is in Lewiston, ID…love the store.

Mac March 18, 2012 - 4:11 pm

4th avenue south in Seattle,Washington

Kristen March 18, 2012 - 7:25 pm

Our nearest is S San Jose.

Michelle S March 18, 2012 - 8:26 pm

Oceanside, ca

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