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Gutzy Gear: Customizable Backpack Strap Covers #GettinGutzy

by TerriAnn

Kids are very particular with the bags/backpacks they bring to school. As they get older, they even more determined than ever to have their backpack reflect their individuality with keychain, drawings, stickers, etc. What about the other side of the bag though? Usually those stay pretty indistinguishable from others aside from different colored fabric. That must be why my daughter’s friends were so anxious to check out the Gutzy Gear supplies I brought over.

A couple of months ago, I received a fun party pack from Gutzy Gear to host a party. We’ve been so busy that, when we last got together, only four girls were present. Each were give two straps (my daughter already made one of hers at home) and they took turns choosing patch packs.

After getting their four (total) embroidered patches, they immediately started trading them. They also spent some time examining the back of the package and picking out which other patches they’d like. There were so many to choose from (for both girls and boys) but they all agreed that they wanted the dog one. I had several related activities planned but it all went so quickly. A few minutes after they finished their straps, they got distracted with looking for worms in the yard. All that was left was the aftermath of their fun.

At first, I was unsure how the kids would respond to the velcro straps and thought they might see it as kind of ‘geeky’. That was so not the case. Each of the girls was anxious to wrap them around their school bag straps. If they’d like to expand their patch collection, dozens of other designs are available for purchase at local stores such as Target, Kmart, Diddams, or Office Depot. These come in pairs and retail for about $5 per pack. Not a bad price for ever-changing personal expression!

We still have a few more straps and patches so another small gathering will be coming up soon. I was so pleased that the tweeners enjoyed the straps and think that they are great fun for any school-aged children.

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