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Heelys Sassy – Bring on the Bling!

by TerriAnn

Kids rolling through aisles on wheeled sneakers has two reactions:

  1. Parents grit their teeth from worry that they’ll fall.
  2. Onlooking youths can’t help but want them.

After my daughter grew out of her Hx2 Heelys, it was time to lose the ‘training wheel’ and get a pair that would appeal to the tweener she had become. The Heelys style that caught her eye was Sassy. Can you say ‘bling, bling’?

Heely's wheeled girls shoes - Style Sassy with Bling

I’m not sure what she likes most about these. Could it be the silver-studded toes? What about the sides and back covered in black glitter? Perhaps the shining laces? It must be all of the above because she can’t help but admire them every time she puts them on…

Heely's wheeled girls shoes - Style Sassy with Bling

Heelys can easily go back and forth between having wheels and not. Just pop off the cover using the included tool, pop in the wheel (push hard until it clicks), and they’re good to go. Use the same tool to take out the wheel then replace the cover to use as regular sneakers.

Heely's wheeled girls shoes - Style Sassy with Bling

Every chance she gets, my daughter wears her Sassy Heelys. The hard part wasn’t photographing her with them on but, rather, while she’s using them. That girl can move! She quickly got used to having only one wheel on each shoe. She slightly stumbles quite often but hasn’t fallen and gotten hurt yet. Let’s hope it stays that way. As long as she doesn’t roll faster than she can run and that she doesn’t forget when she has them on, it should be fine.

Heely's wheeled girls shoes - Style Sassy with Bling

We ordered the Sassy style last month but it is no longer listed on the Heelys site. Don’t worry – new designs are being released often so keep your eyes out for the style right for you and/or your children.


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Nina Say December 28, 2012 - 7:31 pm

That warning sticker is no joke! I remember my brother having these what seems like a long time ago. Love that they have girly designs that are stylish now!

TerriAnn van Gosliga December 30, 2012 - 11:06 pm

Haha, we were trying to keep the sticker on just in case but it kept falling off 😛 I like that they have so much variety now too!

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