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Juice in the City, Not Your Average Group Deal Site

by TerriAnn

You know those group deal sites? Of course you do! We were shocked to hear that my non-tech-savvy father-in-law actually bought one – in the Netherlands! It seems that the new craze has caused a surge of these daily deal sites to pop up left and right. I must be signed up for a dozen or more of them. I’m sure you don’t have time to wade through your inbox to read each deal subject line though, right?

Juice in the City (JITC) is climbing in popularity for one main reason: deals are found by moms, for moms. You and I know that we are the ones that can make or break a company. We talk amongst ourselves as we share places that we like or that the family enjoyed. We ask each other which store has good quality shoes or which park has the best water feature. We also share deals and sales. That is limited to our own circle of friends or acquaintances though.

Each deal on Juice in the City was found by a local mom. It’s a place she would personally recommend other moms to frequent and helps us to try it for 40%-90% off. There’s no minimum in how many have to be bought to ‘tip’ the deal. If it’s posted, you can get in on it. Oh, did I mention that you can even be one of those Local Business Consultants (LBC) to recommend your favorites while getting a cut of the profit?

Get deals on massages, gymnastic camps, organic bakeries, tutoring services, developmental toys, quick bites, and many more local treasures. I actually have a voucher for car detailing in San Carlos that I need to make an appointment for. After 5 years and our recent doggie addition, my car is in SERIOUS need of a good, deep clean!

Now you might be wondering why you have been seeing so many posts about Juice in the City lately. Well, that’s because they are growing like crazy and widening out to new markets. That means more deals near you and heightened buying power to get us more deals – score! Just sign up for their emails so you don’t miss any of their awesome deals. Don’t forget that I will also be posting only the best of the best here on my site. You can follow their Twitter and Facebook accounts for the most current money-saving goodness.

As Juice in the City was founded in San Francisco, CA, local Bay Area residents like us get three whole divisions – North Bay, East Bay, and Peninsula & South Bay. That means we get three times the deals each week!

Deals can also be found in:

  • San Francisco (Peninsula & South Bay, East Bay, and North Bay)
  • Los Angeles (South Bay)
  • San Diego
  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Dallas/Ft Worth area (Collin County, Denton County, Mid-Cities, etc)
  • Denver
  • Houston (Greater Katy & Sugarland)
  • Phoenix (Scottsdale)
  • …..more coming soon!!!

So get to saving at HUGE discounts now by subscribing to and using Juice in the City!

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Sonia July 4, 2011 - 3:55 pm

Your FIL bought a deal site?! How crazy is that?!

Cookies & Clogs July 4, 2011 - 8:14 pm

I know. He was all talking about the Groupon he bought, but it sounded especially weird because he said with a Dutch accent 🙂

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