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More WordGirl – Word Up!

by TerriAnn

I love how new episodes of WordGirl are always being aired, especially now that it is in its third season. That means a half hour of peace for me and some vocab-learning fun for my daughter. My daughter loved the name of the soccer team in “Bend It Like Becky” and I had to explain the play on words to her. After “Questionable Behavior” she was sure to give me a full de-briefing of how Ms. Question got everyone to confess their secrets.

Be sure to watch PBS GO! for these two new episodes:

Becky’s new soccer team, the Butterfly Unicorn Laser Gorillas, and Dr. Two-Brains clash on the soccer field when it’s double-booked it for the same day. The two teams must play a winner-take-all soccer match to determine who gets control of the field.
Vocabulary Words: Ricochet, Dismay(ed)

Ms. Question’s powers are at all an-time high, now that she’s discovered she can get people to spill their deepest, darkest secrets. She will be able to blackmail everyone in the city, including WordGirl! Can WordGirl and Huggy Face stop Ms. Question by giving her a taste of her own medicine?
Vocabulary Words: Fluster, Confess

If you still want more WordGirl goodness, your child can participate in the WordGirl Definition Competition on 4/27. My daughter would have love to join in but it’s only for children in grades 1-3. Here’s a quick summary from Becky herself:

Disclosure: I was provided with a screener for this post, which contains 100% my honest opinion.

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