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Mr. Chewy – Food and Treats for Cats and Dogs

by TerriAnn

Uh, I hate going to the pet store. Most smell, have clueless employees, and prices are ridiculously expensive. Thank goodness Mr. Chewy opened its virtual doors, offering only the top brands of dog/cat food and treats, potty pads, kitty litter, and flea/tick prevention!

Mr Chewy Food and Treats for Cats and Dogs

There are several online pet supply retailers but none have made it into my browser bookmarks or established an ongoing cookie in my cache. Mr. Chewy immediately caught my eye with it’s FREE shipping above $49 or a flat-rate of $4.95. Now when you’re talking about pet foor or even cat litter, the sheer poundage of the bags can cost far more in shipping than it would save when compared to prices at a brick and mortar store. With free or minimal shipping, ordering online is so much more convenient as it saves me a trip to the pet store and the long haul from my car in the underground parking, up the elevator, down the hallway, and into my home. Trust me, lugging a thirty-pound bag on that trek is not fun.

Mr Chewy Food and Treats for Cats and Dogs

The prices seem to be on par with other retailers if not a bit lower. What sets Mr. Chewy apart is the convenience and selection. I was easily able to find the brand of dog food we regularly buy (Nutro Natural Choice) and the treats our puppy likes (Old Mother Hubbard, Pure Bites). The order process is quick and easy but any questions can be answered immediately using their online live chat function. The representative I dealt with, Olivia, was very helpful and cordial. The only feature I wish they offered to customers is the option to read/leave a review of the product. I actually had to visit a separate source to read what others’ experiences were with certain items. Hopefully this will be implemented a bit later.

Mr Chewy Food and Treats for Cats and Dogs

I was actually very happy with putting in my order (it should arrive by next week) and look forward to doing so again soon. At that time I might take advantage of their subscription service which will save me %15, guarantee free shipping on each of those orders, and save me the nightmare I experience every time I discover we’ve run out of food and I have to run to the store before it closes or right when it opens. So next time you need to pick up a few supplies, consider first having it shipping to your door for free!

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