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New Homes in Mountain House for Families & Multi-Generational Living

by TerriAnn
Tour new homes in Mountain House CA — Inspirato model homes in Cordes Village.

Once upon a time, Mountain House was an unknown spot somewhere between Livermore and Tracy. Now, it is a bustling community with all the bells and whistles of more established cities. Minus the traffic congestion and inflated prices, though. Several years ago, some friends of ours bought a home in Mountain House, CA. They had wanted to buy a home for a while but housing in this area didn’t fit their needs. But, they still wanted to stay close enough to commute back here for work. Then, not too long ago, another family we know bought a new home in Mountain House. That family of four was able to get a huge house with a separate in-law suite for her parents. Yet, it was only a fraction of what they’d pay for a much smaller structure in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Update: Check out the newest homes to hit the market in May 2018!

Grand Opening of Inspirato Homes in Mountain House, CA

New homes are continually being built in Mountain House. Frans and I recently attended the grand opening of the Inspirato homes in Cordes Village. The new collection consists of four two-story floor plans by Richmond American Homes. These were on display for potential homebuyers with three model homes to tour. Who doesn’t love to tour model homes and pick up some expert decor ideas?! The multifunctional floor plans range from 2,080 to 2,500 square feet with 3-5 bedrooms, up to three bathrooms, and many personalization room options. Prices start from the low $500,000s. That is super impressive, especially when you take into consideration how much you get with that!

Tour new homes in Mountain House CA — Inspirato model homes in Cordes Village.

Each of these homes has a completely different feel. It was also interesting that each home featured photos of families from different nationalities. One home had photos of an Asian family, another with an African-American family, and one with a Caucasian family. This might be a minor detail to some but, to me, this detail showed how vested the builder (and the designer they hired) are in catering to a diverse group of homeowners. Decor items and color schemes in each home differed slightly as well.

Tour new homes in Mountain House CA — Inspirato model homes in Cordes Village. Diversity

Tour Inspirato Model Homes & Gorgeous Decor Ideas

To see what I mean, take a peek into each one. I will warn you now — the decor is beautiful! So, make sure you go through each slideshow and take notes. 🙂 FYI, I took so many photos that it took forever to narrow it down to these. Can you tell which model home I liked best? (hint: I’m craving a summer BBQ cookout…)

  • Berkeley Floor Plan
  • Benton Floor Plan
  • Barnett Floor Plan

What I loved about the Inspirato homes was how cozy they were. By cozy, I don’t mean small. The floorplans were generous. But, the way spaces were arranged made the houses feel more like family homes than swanky display pieces. It was clear that much attention was given to areas where families would spend most of their time — the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and backyard space. What impressed Frans the most was how cleanly the homes were finished and the quality of the construction. They didn’t seem like rushed, cheap structures at all. In fact, it was quite the opposite and I found myself mentally moving into a couple of the homes as we toured them!

Multi-Generational Living for Family & Friends

The Inspirato homes will appeal to families and first-time buyers. For multi-generational families or for those that often host overnight or extended guests, the Sundance II floor plans in Hansen may be a better fit. These have a secondary suite for a more comfortable stay or residence. Homes with this optional suite start in the low $600,000s or mid $700,000s.

Why Move From San Francisco Bay Area to Mountain House

As for the area, it’s a great place to settle down. In addition to being a family-oriented and tight-knit community, Mountain House has great schools. The community is part of the Lammersville Unified School District with nearby Wicklund Elementary School and Mountain House High School. New additions are in progress at Mountain House High School and construction has begun on the new Hansen Elementary School.

If you’re looking to buy a home close to the San Francisco Bay Area but don’t want to deal with the traffic congestion or the inflated housing prices, then you might want to check out Mountain House, CA. You’ll get a lot more for your money and you’re bound to find a floor plan that best fits your family’s needs. Just make sure to invite me over to visit!

I was compensated to visit the property and share information about the event. All opinions are my own.

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