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PartyLite Candles

by TerriAnn

I love candles. They don’t really add that much heat but that soft glow just makes you feel nice and cozy inside. All that mattered to me was that it looked nice and burned. About two years ago, my sister had a PartyLite party. Now I only use PartyLite!

The quality of the products and the customer service are unmatched. The wax doesn’t get hot enough to burn little fingers but the candles burn completely and cleanly (pure paraffin and cotton wicks). As for the fragrances, they have a vast selection of scents so everyone is sure to find ones they like. My favorites are French Vanilla, Coconut Cove, Mulberry, and Pineapple Pomegranate.

The candle holders are beautiful. I like the Global Fusion line. They also have flameless candles if you’re worried about the kiddies and warmers if you want the fragrance without the heat. Sure, you can probably get something a lot cheaper from Ross or TJ Maxx but they will not even come close in quality and durability.

The customer service is the real winning feature with PartyLite. If you have ANY problem whatsoever, you can have your personal consultant replace it. Whether two small gems fall off or your dripless tapers drip, you can be confident you will get a top-notch replacement.

PartyLite is similar to companies such as Avon in that you need to order through a consultant and you can invite friends to a product party to receive free gifts or credit. I had only show and received over $300 in credit for me to use. You can search for a consultant near you if you’d like to host a party or smell the scents.

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Suzy August 29, 2010 - 8:58 pm

I really love your candle holders in the first photo! Those look beautiful! I can just imagine what they would look like in my house with candles in them. It would make such a pretty glow in the room. I have to be really careful with candles because I have a big fluffy cat that loves to climb on everything and knocks things over. Lately we’ve been trying out those fake light candles. When they are inside of a candle holder, you can hardly tell it’s fake!

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