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ReJouvence Spa, Burlingame

by TerriAnn

Review from me and a $50 special for you! Read on . . .

1375 Burlingame Ave Ste 204, Burlingame, CA 94010

Services: Massage, facials, waxing
Price: $85 for basic facial or massage

After 32 years, I finally got my first ever facial and massage! I was arranging to do a review for a facial but it turned out there was a mix-up in location (the spa was in New York). My husband felt bad for me so when he saw a special on Groupon for a facial, he bought it for me. Isn’t he sweet?

I made an appointment at ReJouvence Skin & Body Rejuvination Center in Burlingame, California. There was a picture on the website of the building it was in, right on the corner of Burlingame Avenue and Primrose Avenue. I was a bit nervous as to what to expect from a day spa, and in the middle of Burlingame at that. I was afraid I’d be out of my league with yuppy and affluent women who did nothing all day but pamper themselves and dress up their chihuahuas. Upon entering the building and walking up the staircase to the second floor, I was pleasantly surprised by the clean yet inviting entrance to ReJouvence.

As I walked into the lobby, my fears dissipated and I was getting excited for my treatments. I loved how the set-up was very open and didn’t make you feel uncomfortable in any way. I was greeted by Shannon, who would later do my facial. I was shown to a small waiting area and given a brief questionnaire to fill out. A short while later the spa manager, Veronica, came to welcome me. She gave a brief overview of the spa and answered any questions I had.

Then I was led into the room were I would get my facial. Shannon gave me a short terrycloth cover-up, asked me to remove any jewelry, then left so I could change. The room was very dim but clean and comfortable. I was trying to take pictures and blog on my iPhone but Shannon took it away and told me to relax. I loved how she first asked me about my skin care regimen and my own evaluation of the condition of my face. She took the time to listen and continued to keep me thoroughly involved throughout the process.

Shannon (pictured on the right in above photo) proceeded to examine my face. During each step, she took the time to tell me what products she was using and why. Never, at any time, did she try to push products on me. I really appreciated her honest opinion and open manner.

I found out that I am a complete wimp to heat so I asked to lessen the steam and the towels to be cooled. I was also whining when one of the facial masks had an active enzyme and it was ‘tingling’. All the while Shannon helped to make me comfortable, but she did make me deal with the enzyme until it was done. I’m glad she did. I was given several cleanings, masks, etc. They definitely don’t skimp on giving great individualized facials. My skin just felt so squeaky clean and well cared for.

When I was ready, I put on the provided robe and was escorted across the hall. All of my clothes and belongings were brought into the other room for me. Shannon even ran out and put money in my parking meter. Veronica (pictured on the left in above photo) was my massage therapist.

I was feeling really good after my facial and was ready to treat the rest of my body. You only need to undress as much as you feel comfortable with. Veronica does not make you feel creepy at all, does a full body drape, and makes sure you are tucked in when working on various sections. She began by asking what I wanted to accomplish with this massage and adjusted accordingly. I was given a customized massage which included a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stones. Again, she had to cool the stones a bit for me.

Though I enjoyed my massage, I was not able to get the full experience. Most of the time I was talking, trying to ask questions in order to facilitate the review. Not smart! The whole purpose of a massage is to relax yet I was mentally blogging. I did stop yapping halfway through and it was much better. I have since been itching to go back so I can really benefit from it fully.

I love the relaxed atmosphere at ReJouvence. You are not rushed at all and they don’t kick you out of a room to make room for the next client. They really treat you well and hope to build a steady client base. Customer service is a priority here. The prices are reasonable and many services are offered, including waxing. If your man is hesitant to go to a ‘spa’ get him a 30-minute massage and 30-minute Men’s Express Facial. I’m going to try to coax mine into one – I know he’ll love it.

Mention ‘Cookies & Clogs’ to get a Signature Facial or 1-hour massage for only $50!

Disclosure: I was provided with a massage in order to test the service. The review presented here is 100% my honest opinion.

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