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Resort at Squaw Creek, North Lake Tahoe

by TerriAnn
Resort at Squaw Creek, North Lake Tahoe Hotel, California

Resort at Squaw Creek Hotel Review . . .


Price: $$$+
For: Couples, families
Cleanliness: 5/5
Comfort: 4/5
Recommended: Yes
Pools, on-site activities, convenient location, free parking

Official Links: Resort at Squaw Creek Website, Facebook, Twitter at @SquawCreek

To get the most out of Lake Tahoe’s year-round activities, it’s best to stay somewhere central to the action and with all the necessary conveniences. That way you and your family will be comfortable and, more importantly, happy. The Resort at Squaw Creek is one of those places. This fully-loaded resort is located at the heart of Squaw Valley, home of the 1960 Winter Olympics, and just a shuttle ride away from Olympic Village.

Resort at Squaw Creek, North Lake Tahoe Hotel, California

Depending on the season, you can either make use of the gorgeously groomed 18-hole golf course or the on-site ski-lift that’s placed just outside the lodging area. Bike rentals were available for those that might get an itch to ride across the terrains and tennis courts were right next to the ‘free’ self-parking lot. The main resort area includes comfortable seating with breathtaking views, a fireplace, and tables with built-in checker or chess boards.

When my family and I visited (early June) it was boiling hot and mosquitos were eating me alive. That’s what I get for being so sweet – haha, just kidding. Aside from some quality pool time, we preferred to enjoy the amenities that included shade and air-conditioning.

That being the case, our room was truly a refuge during our stay. The one-bedroom Fireplace Suite offered plenty of room for the three of us. We could freely nap, read, work, watch television, relax by the fireplace, snack, soak in the tub, or just do nothing at all without having to worry that we were disturbing one another. My daughter had no problem at all with settling into a spot to read or play.

Resort at Squaw Creek, North Lake Tahoe Hotel, California

I loved how spacious the bathroom was and that it was accessible from both the hallway and the bedroom. Why don’t more lodging places have their shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in stationary bottles with pumps? It saves so much in waste and helps reduce the urge to swipe all the little bottles!

When I first found out that there were dual shower heads, I thought it seemed kind of silly. They actually felt really good! No more moving around trying to get warmed up since both heads spread the hot water all over. Sooooo nice! The bathtub was kind of small though. It was about the size as what we have at home but with the sides being just a bit higher. It would have been nice if they used that space for a double sink with more counter/mirror space.

Resort at Squaw Creek, North Lake Tahoe Hotel, California

As for the kitchen, this baby was stocked with all the dishes, utensils, pots, glasses, etc. needed. Even the microwave, dishwasher, stove, and mini-refrigerator were seamlessly placed in the compact space. I’m so glad there were directions for the stove sitting out. Otherwise, my husband and I would have been clueless in how to ‘unlock’ the induction stove to just boil some water for tea.

With the amount of storage and supplies, a family could save a lot of money by just eating in. Daily maid service would still come by and replenish whatever you need. There’s also a 7-11 just a couple minutes away (by car) for any other yummies you might want to pick up. We got some doughnuts there that were actually very fresh and tasty.

Resort at Squaw Creek, North Lake Tahoe Hotel, California

The property was clean and pretty easy to navigate. There were plenty of signs and friendly staff to direct you to where you needed to go. There are six different restaurants to choose from (reviews for three of those coming up) if you decide to eat out. Each offers a slight different flair, flavor, and pricing structure. Between the main building and the lodging was a cute shopping area. One shop, called Little Dumplings, had the most adorable stuff for little ones!

There was also a huge, open space. In the winter, this is made into an ice skating rink. I can just imagine how much fun that would be! Kids can also visit the adjacent arcade room while moms and dads head to the spa for a much-needed massage (review for that coming up soon too).

The design of the Resort at Squaw Creek was aesthetically pleasing and everything was logically laid out across the 3-4 levels. The one oddity was the building with the guest rooms. It was like an ugly afterthought – a functional one but an eyesore nonetheless. It seemed so odd especially with how tasteful the rest of the resort was and the amazing surrounding scenery.

Resort at Squaw Creek, North Lake Tahoe Hotel, California

The weather made it so that the pool was THE place to be. I didn’t take any pictures the day we went swimming for obvious reasons. It was packed though. Even then, there were plenty of chairs and places to soak in. Towels were provided and any refreshments could be ordered poolside.

One of the plunge pools also had a water slide. My family and I got all geared up for a gigantic swirling attraction but were surprised by what we saw. Instead, it was a small, mostly level slide with children as young as three going down it. Some parents took children even younger than that on the slide. With the pool below only being about 3-feet. deep, adults could easily stand up after entering the water, not even getting their faces wet. As for the kids, they LOVED it. Right after going down, some would immediately jump out and run to the top of the slide again. The lifeguard said that it was common to see children doing this all day long.

Even though the water slide was much tamer than we anticipated, we were surprised at how enjoyable it was. Too bad my husband had to practically push himself down slide since the water pressure wasn’t strong enough. We found out later that some rear end wiggling was needed to keep the momentum. Definitely a great feature but just don’t be deceived by the ‘120-foot water slide’ description.

Resort at Squaw Creek, North Lake Tahoe Hotel, California

The Resort at Squaw Creek was really a fantastic spot to settle in at. Families were very much catered to with amenities everyone could appreciate. The stay was quiet and peaceful and service was top-notch. No matter what time of year you come to North Lake Tahoe, there will be plenty to do and see right at Squaw Creek.

I received a complimentary one-night stay and paid for a second night at a discount for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

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