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Sacramento Trip Day 2: California State Capitol

by TerriAnn

Since the CA State Fair did not open until noon, we decided to do a bit of touring. It was so confusing to find parking at the State Capitol. There were barely any signs and it was unclear as to where the entrance to main building even was. This was partially due to the fact that we came from the rear but either way you would think such a state landmark would be more noticeable.

After taking several pictures, we realized that it as actually the side of the building with locked doors. We then turned the corner to find a full promenade since there was an event going on. We finally found the entrance!

I only visited the California State Capitol once when on a field trip. Strangely, the only things I remember are red and green carpets. I always wondered why those images popped up when I thought of that event.

AH-HA! Proof that I’m not crazy! The Assembly Chamber has green carpet and the Senate Chamber has red. Whew, not that that’s out of the way I can continue. The details in the lobby, decor, floors, and elevators were so beautiful.When you enter, you can’t help but awe when you look up into the design of the rotunda. I really like that they preserved the vintage style of the building.

They have added a new section in which many of the offices are placed, including that of the current governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. That section of the building was pretty bland and sterile with low ceilings and florescent lights. I did enjoy the displays they had in the hallways for each county. Some were very creative and you could tell a lot of attention was paid in putting them together. I was also able to get some great material for my daughter’s social science lessons for this school year.

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Stefani August 2, 2010 - 9:41 am

The last time I was inside the Capitol, I got stuck in a elevator full of people. I think I have had a fear of elevators ever since.

anash January 31, 2011 - 5:35 pm

whn i go to california—im sure most attractions will be larger than life and the palm trees are to be desired!!

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