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Safari Run, San Mateo

by TerriAnn

341 N Amphlett Blvd, San Mateo, California 94401

Good for: Cold, rainy days, children 7-10
Price: $7/hour
Features: Indoor play structure

If you and the kids are going crazy from being cooped up when it is cold or rainy, Safari Run is a great place to get all that energy out. From the 101 freeway you have probably passed by the large sign as you drive near the San Mateo/Burlingame border. Some have even taken a closer look when they visit the San Mateo DMV but were still unsure what was inside the yellow-striped aluminum siding. You will be surprised to know a wonderful, indoor play area is inside.

The area is much larger than it seems in the picture. A maximum of 45 children can play here comfortably, without stepping on toes or knocking each other over (unless they enjoy doing that, of course). Adults can easily join their children climbing through the obstacles and going down the slides. I guarantee that you will unintentionally smile after you’ve reached the bottom of the blue, wavy slide. Everything is padded and secured well so the ‘hurt’ factor is significantly minimized.

If you have very little ones, a small section is set up for them around the bend. Fully padded and with a miniature climb/slide corner, you can entertain your younger tikes as well. If you are not in the mood to entertain, though, there is a nice area upstairs which overlooks the play area. Sofas, chairs, tables, magazines, computers with internet connection, public Wi-Fi, etc. make this a great escape for parents to unwind and get a little peace.

What impresses me most about Safari Run is how clean it is. Children must first take off their shoes and wash their hands before entering the structure. You can tell that the area is wiped down and disinfected often as there is no trace of that typical ‘musty’ odor you get at indoor exercise centers.

Open Play is just one feature offered here. You can also rent the facility for children’s parties that include the play area, catering, and a separate area with Chucky Cheese-style games with token and tickets to redeem for prizes. Fitness classes and camps are also available to keep your young ones healthy, active, and fit. Don’t worry about feeling frumpy as your kids get their exercise as there are adult fitness classes too.

You know how hard it is tearing them away from the park? Well, that’s why I like how each hour the area is cleared out. It’s so much easier to tell your child that their time is up and it’s time to leave since all the other children are getting ready to go as well. The staff has always friendly and helpful. There usually an employee or two supervising the main structure and making sure everyone ‘plays nice’. Parking is VERY limited so be prepared to get a little walk in yourself in just getting to and from the building.

So the next time playing outside at the park is not an option, try Safari Run. I even bought a 10-visit pass to use during these chilly and wet winter months!

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Debbie February 4, 2011 - 12:58 pm

Following you from Friday’s hop. Enjoy the day!
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