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The Sash Bag – Bringing Freedom to Women Everywhere!

by TerriAnn
Sash Bag Stylish Hands-free Reversible Leather Purse with 8 compartments

Hands-free Crossbody Sash Bag / Purse . . .


Lately, I’ve been getting tons of compliments. On what? On my new Sash bag!

Sash Bag Stylish Hands-free Reversible Leather Purse with 8 compartments

It seems like I’ve been having the same conversation over and over but with different friends. It generally goes something like this:

“I really like that bag! What is it?”

Me: “It’s a Sash bag, a purse that I’m reviewing for my blog.”

Then, I would proceed to show them all the items I’ve been carrying in it.

“I have my phone here, my keys there, my wallet over on this side, and sometimes I even carry an extra shopping bag in the pocket back here.”

Sash Bag Stylish Hands-free Reversible Leather Purse with 8 compartments

“Wow! I love all those compartments. That would be great for __________.” (Answers so far have included the fair, shopping, amusement park, trips, etc.)

Me: “Yeah. And, since you can’t put anything here in the middle, the bag lays flat on your side. Oh, and it’s reversible. See?”

Sash Bag Stylish Hands-free Reversible Leather Purse with 8 compartments

“Nice, but I like the red side better. Is it leather? How much is it?”

Me: “Yes, it’s all leather. I think it’s around $150 or so.”

“That’s not bad for a leather purse. I’ve been looking for bags that go over the shoulder but none have been as cute as this. Plus, I really like that it leaves your hands completely free!”

I couldn’t believe so many had the same reaction!

When I first received my Sash, I was a bit doubtful. It seemed so simple and even kind of plain. After regularly using it for a while, though, I found that I actually liked it a lot!

It’s super light, extremely comfortable, and conveniently carries all of my essentials without being bulky or cumbersome. Many times, I forget that I’m even wearing it. Using the Sash, I’m truly hands-free to do whatever I need or want to do. It’s so nice not having to lug around a big ‘Mary Poppins’ bag!

While this purse carries a lot, it also limits what fits inside. This is definitely a good thing because it prevents me from stuffing way too much in and getting shoulder pain yet again. An added plus is the fact that I don’t have extra room to carry other people’s stuff (a particular husband and child come to mind).

The strap is thick and can be easily adjusted. I have a short torso so this feature helped me get the perfect fit. The design lends itself to fairly equal weight on both sides, keeping the Sash pretty much in place. No bouncing around when walking or crazy swinging about when handling a million other things.

The deep red leather is very supple and has a nice sheen to it. On the other hand, the black side seems to have more of a ‘worn’ look. I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be or if it’s a result of rubbing on my clothes.

Sash offers several color combinations. These are available in faux leather ($85, on sale now for $69) or genuine leather ($159, now on sale for $129). You can even design your own Sash! I think I’d order Purple Punch leather on one side and Gray Suede on the other. There’s also an option to add a fringe accent. I normally don’t like fringes but it might be kind of stylish on this bag.

Sash Bag Stylish Hands-free Reversible Leather Purse with 8 compartments

The Sash bag is a perfect all-around purse. It’s suited me just fine when doing errands, on family outings, and while traveling. I also feel that it’s a bag I’ll be using a long time from now. It seems well-made and durable enough to survive quite a bit. It had better, because I’m using it most of the time now. Just a warning, don’t be surprised if you see me wearing the Sash in several upcoming photos!

Moms and women on-the-go must have one of these in their closet. I guarantee that you will find it handy at one point or another. Hey, I even told my husband he should get one and call it a “European Man Bag”!

Get the latest info from the official website, Facebook page, and on Twitter at @TheSashBag.

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Mary W. July 8, 2013 - 3:56 pm

I have the pleasure of training for a 1/2 marathon with the designer and founder of the Sash bag and I can say your husband is on to something … they actually have a men’s bag coming out soon and rumor has it, it will be called the “Stash” bag! Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for letting that one slip 😉

TerriAnn van Gosliga July 8, 2013 - 4:23 pm

No worries, I just saw it on their facebook page with one post back in Feb. I figured the idea died, but maybe this will revive it 🙂

rick January 20, 2016 - 5:58 am

Make one for men, ck out the cross pac, instead of a fannie pac, over the shoulder pac

TerriAnn van Gosliga April 13, 2016 - 12:37 pm

That’s a fantastic idea, Rick! Maybe that will be the next model they come out with after they introduce the canvas ones they’re working on!

Barbara March 15, 2016 - 7:13 pm

I really want one of these bags NOW. How can I get one without making an investment, and get it before April 8th?

TerriAnn van Gosliga March 15, 2016 - 9:08 pm

Hi Barbara. It seems the Kickstarter campaign is new. I update the link to the store page but no bags seem to be in stock. Try http://www.thesashbag.com/pages/contact-us to see if you can contact them directly. Hope this helps!

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