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Snuggle Paws

by TerriAnn

Sleeping in unfamiliar surrounds is especially difficult for young children. When we would travel and it would require overnight accommodations, we always brought one specific blanket for my daughter. On a daily basis she was not particularly attached to that blanket (ie carrying it everywhere, hugging it, ‘security’ blanket) but when away from home, it was one thing that she gave her the peace of mind to sleep soundly.

As my daughter is already a fan of the Pawparazi Pets from NoodleHead, I was quite interested in reviewing their new product called Snuggle Paws. This combines a soft, plush animal that can be used as a pillow with a matching travel blanket. Now you child can bring their own pillow and blanket even on a last-minute stay with grandma and grandpa.

There are two Snuggle Paws pets available: cat or dog. I liked the dog (blue and green) but ultimately my daughter had the final say and decided on the cat.

She loves it. The material used is super soft and the colors are vibrant. There were a couple missing stitches here and there though. We’ve come to expect it from this company as the items are not made the best. However, there’s a special charm to these products that keep us wanting more. And, they are so huggably soft!

The blanket was much smaller than I thought it would be and very thin. Don’t expect this to keep your child insulated in the snow but it will keep them cozy during a nice nap. I mentioned earlier that we would bring her blanket on trips. That blanket was also small and thin. So we would first tuck her in bed under the provided covers then just lay the blanket on top, close to her face, so she knew it was there. Does that make sense? Well, it certainly worked for us as she’d quickly go to sleep. The blanket is very easy to roll up and the ‘cat’ holds it securely. Both are machine washable so there’s no need to fret if something spills on it or it gets soaked with drool.

These Snuggle Paws are so cute. So if your child likes stuffed animals and soft things, they will love one of these!

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