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Sunnyside Car Service in Sunnyside, NY

by TerriAnn
Sunnyside New York Car NYC Service To / From JFK EWR Airports

New York City NYC Car Service…

This past month I went to New York. To say I was nervous would be a huge understatement. I have not traveled without my family since getting married, which was over 12 years ago. I was so anxious that something would go horribly wrong and I’d be stranded in a bad part of the city. Fortunately all went well and a large portion of that was due to Sunnyside Car Service.

Sunnyside New York Car Service

I started writing a whole story of my experience but decided to nix it all. Instead, I’m going to tell you my opinion of how Sunnyside Car Service did in each of the following key areas.

  • Cleanliness
    Cars are owned by the drivers so they take very good care of them. It is their business investment, after all. That also means they don’t drive AS scary as other taxis might. Plus, Sunnyside regularly conducts inspections to make sure the cars are up to its standards. I rode in a different car to and from the airport and both were in fantastic condition.
  • Drivers
    The drivers are polite and decent (not shady looking or anything). According to one driver, Sunnyside is a great company to work for and treats their employees fairly. Happy employees make happy drivers. It was also noteworthy that, while the radio was on for the duration of the ride, the music was neutral and stayed at a mild volume. At the end of the ride, the driver gave a receipt and a friendly farewell. I actually forgot to tip the driver that dropped me off (I still need to send that to him) but didn’t get any rude comments or screeching tires when driving off. Don’t forget, 15-20% tip is customary.
  • The Ride
    As the cars were in well-maintained, the ride was comfortable. It was smooth (as smooth as can be while navigating New York City) and I got to my destination without incident. The drivers were knowledgable of the area but did use navigation devices. Yay for not getting lost! It was also nice that the tolls were taken care of and I didn’t need to scramble for money at each one.
  • Promptness
    I landed at JFK airport about 1-1/2 hours late. I was worried I missed the car but the company had been tracking the status of my flight. Both there and back, the drivers were on-time and called if they did not see me after 15 minutes or so. I appreciated that as there was a miscommunication on my ride back to the airport. I thought they’d come at 6:15pm but the driver had 6:00pm on his schedule. He had no problem patiently waiting for me to scurry down the elevator. I’m so glad the driver felt comfortable enough to call my cell to make sure we found each other.
  • Price
    Reasonable, about $60-70. This is comparable to other car services in the area. However, other conference attendees I spoke with had nightmare stories with the company they bought a group deal from. Others took a shuttle service which was quite scary as well. Taxis CAN be cheaper but that totally depending on the traffic.

I was so happy that Sunnyside was the company that chose to go with. The last thing I needed during this whirlwind trip to the other coast was a headache just getting between the airport and the hotel. Thank you for starting my travel off right and ending it the same way! If you will be in the New York City area at all, be sure to call to Sunnyside and tell them Cookies & Clogs sent you!

I received the above service, free of charge, to provide my 100% honest opinion.

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Felicia August 23, 2012 - 7:58 am

I get so nervous when traveling without my family as well. So glad you had a good experience!

TerriAnn August 31, 2012 - 8:43 am

Thank you so much and I’m glad that I’m not the only one. Some of the women seemed to be accustomed to traveling w/o their families and actually enjoy it. I felt like an odd one out of the bunch.

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