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Sweet Suite by the Big Toy Book #BlogHer12 #SweetSuite12

by TerriAnn

Once again, The Big Toy Book put on a fabulous bash at BlogHer ’12 (aka Sweet Suite) and somehow made it even better than last year! Several brands were present that your kids either already love or will love in the coming months. Here are a few brands that REALLY stood out to me:

Tech4Kids – Angry Birds fans will love the Mash’ems. They look just like they do in the game and can be stretched, squished, or thrown (without hurting anyone). If the characters get dirty, you only need to rinse them with a little soap and water. The slingshot and target board were pretty fun too.

Pinypon – Little dolls with which you can swap clothes, accessories, and even hair. Turn their heads around for a different expression. Accessories fit in their head. My daughter doesn’t usually play with dolls but she thinks these are pretty cool!

Charm It! – Adorable and customizable bracelets and necklaces for kids, tweens, teens. You can read my full review here.

Fashion Angels – My daughter fell in love with their sketch books and has already designed several outfits that are actually quite creative! The Tapeffini is also another of her favorites – how did they know that she likes to tape everything?!

There was also an XBox Kinect display but I didn’t get a chance to play. Still, I love that Kinect games will get my daughter (and me) off the couch. Children’s Technology Review and Parents’ Choice Awards have even awarded them accolades for that!

Thanks to all the great sponsors and to The Big Toy Book for such a wonderful and memorable event!

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