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Thai Satay, San Mateo

by TerriAnn

173 E 4th Avenue, San Mateo, California 94401

Good for: Everyone
Price Range: Inexpensive to Reasonable
Features: Always an open table, takeout available

Do you ever get tired of Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, or Italian? Don’t feel like fast-food or sitting down for a formal meal? For days like that, we go to one of our favorite stand-by restaurants (where you’ve eaten before but know know you’ll leave satisfied and happy). At Thai Satay, we can dine informally or order take-out.

Now there are two locations run by different owners. We have only been to the San Mateo location, which is the one featured in this review. There are several factors that keep us coming back here – customer service, price, and ultimately the food.

Isn’t that a fabulous-looking chicken satay? Trust me, it tastes just as good as it looks. While many restaurants offer peanut sauce, the perfected mixture here is fantastic. They also have beef, pork, shrimp, and calamari skewers but chicken is still our favorite by far! We usually order this, white rice, and Massamun Chicken or Beef.

The Massamun dish includes red curry, coconut milk, potatoes, carrots, onions, and perhaps pineapple. It has a little kick but not spicy. I am a total wimp when it come to spicy food so if I say it’s not spicy, it is really mild. And, of course, I always order my Thai Iced Tea. Unfortunately, my daughter decided that she likes it too and has been ‘sharing’ it with me . . .

Last time, another friend ordered the soup which was also nice but a bit spicier than I prefered. Oh well, always good to try something new. What I like the most about the food here is that is very fresh and does not leave you with an oily, greasy, heavy feeling after eating. The food has been consistent in the dozen or so times we’ve been here – always tasty and satisfying.

The customer service is quick and attentive. We usually see the same waiters who recognize us when we come in and pretty much know our order. One time we went on a Wednesday evening and it was a different crew but they still lived up to the customer service we have come to expect.

Dinner for our family of three typically averages about $30, including tax and tip.

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