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And On That Bombshell, No One Does It Like Top Gear (UK)

by TerriAnn
Top Gear UK Motor / Auto / Car Television Series on BBC #TopGear

For years, I was kind of anti-car. I mean, I had a car and drove it but generally had no interest in learning any more about cars than I had to. Until we stumbled upon Top Gear. Now, I’m not talking about the rip-off version made here in the states. I’m talking about the original, mind-boggling, LOL-inducing, ridiculously-clever, everyone-picks-on-James-May UK series of Top Gear.

Top Gear (UK) Antics

From a makeshift amphibious car competition to a gutted old car racing a hang glider, Top Gear actually makes the world of cars exciting! My family and I discovered the series (on BBC) back when we were in the Netherlands. We were instantly hooked. It was Top Gear Season 8 (UK) and, in my opinion, that was one of the best seasons ever made. Don’t believe me? Check out  this episode with car football (soccer) which just blows the awesome-meter out of the water:

The ongoing banter between Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May is one of the might highlights and it never gets old. The chemistry between the three just works. I can’t narrow it down to why or how but it just does. Be it Clarkson’s height, Hammond’s supposed whitened teeth, or May’s, well, May-ness all is fair in friends poking fun of each other. Then there’s the Stig – the mystery (until recently) masked racer with an eclectic mix of listening preferences.

Top Gear’s Real Appeal

While Top Gear’s main focus is on super cars, it’s much more than just reviews. Their “cool wall” is a hoot and good times are always found watching celebrities (like Tom Hiddleston) in the ‘Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car’ bits.

Top Gear UK Motor / Auto / Car Television Series on BBC #TopGear

A few of our favorite episodes featured:

  • Female race, Sabine Schmitt, puts the pedal to the medal on Nurburgring track in a Transit van
  • Super Car road trip to France where the low clearance gets them stuck on a narrow French alley
  • The boys try to figure out the fastest way to get around in London – car, public transport, bike?
  • The boys head to see how Dutch tourists take their RVs,cheese, and hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) across Europe

However, when it comes to reviews, no one can beat how thorough these guys are!

Not To Be Missed!

Since moving back to the States, it hasn’t been challenging to watch Top Gear regularly. Even though we’re a few seasons behind, Top Gear remains one of our favorite series. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to head across the pond to see it live 🙂

If you ever get the chance, check out Top Gear UK. You’ll be happy you did. Car fan or not, this is definitely worth a watch. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, “And on that bomb shell, see you next time!”

Top Gear UK Motor / Auto / Car Television Series on BBC #TopGear

Have you ever seen Top Gear UK (the US one is horrible so doesn’t count)?

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